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Unger-poles.jpgUnger is showcasing its new HiFlo nLite water-fed pole system and Dave Rogers - like us, all the way from the UK - told us it has been attracting a lot of interest. "This will change the way that windows and façades are cleaned forever by combining the best features of our telescopic and modular poles into a brand new system that delivers what we believe are unrivalled results and adaptability," he said.

The new system offers better rigidity for more control, yet is up to 50% lighter in weight than other similar products - thanks to its carbon fibre technology - and every part of the system, from clamps and levers, to brushes, has been created to deliver the highest standards with cutting edge looks.

The weight/rigidity balance makes HiFlo nLite easier and more comfortable to use, even for longer periods of time, while extensions can be added quickly and easily, and equipment adjusted to tackle any cleaning situation, which means that downtime is kept to a minimum. Adaptability is another good feature, as you can choose to use as many poles or attachments as you need for the job in hand. This makes it easy to clean glass and building facades, stainless steel, solar panels, signage, and vehicles. Further a cleverly designed hose management system allows you to have the hose inside or outside the pole.

The four section master pole cleans up to a height of 6.63m/22ft, but taller locations are easily reached by adding two-stage extensions to the base of the master pole. These extensions, each adding another potential 11ft of reach but crucially not adding anything to the width and feel of the pole, measure 35mm in diameter – an optimum size that fits easily into the hands of the professional for quick and comfortable cleaning. Even if you’re cleaning to a height of around 65ft the HiFlo nLite offers the ‘gold standard’ in terms of ease of use and results – because it combines just the right amount of rigidity to control your cleaning, but in a lightweight system that’s better for the professional to use.

Every part of the new system has been designed specifically with the user in mind. The clamps, which adjust pole height or attach the extensions, are simple to operate – no fiddly allen key-type devices needed – and easily adjustable to ensure the right tension; plus the gooseneck attachment is made from carbon fibre, again keeping weight to a minimum. Even the brushes are lighter – but that doesn’t mean less features or functionality. On the contrary, a selection of brushes are available, one of which, at 60cm/24in, is large enough to quickly clean solar panels, featuring bristles designed to get into the smallest corner and help with scrubbing actions. Whereas conventional brushes usually only have two jets, HiFlo nLite brushes can feature up to 10 quick release jets, making it much easier to control the water flow and rinse surfaces.

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11th May 2012

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