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Tomcat's Clean Caddie offers auxiliary cleaning option

Clean Caddie.jpgYet another innovation that really impressed us at the show was the Clean Caddie by Tomcat. "This is an optional three-dimensional cleaning accessory that can be easily mounted to the Mini Mag series auto scrubber," explained a helpful William Koeppel.

"Traditionally, automatic scrubbers clean one dimensionally on hard floor surfaces, but in the real world, cleaning operatives are responsible for three dimensions of cleaning. The Clean Caddie enables them to clean any surface that can be cleaned with water."

* Clean-Caddie2.jpgWilliam showed us how the Clean Caddie is a simple, portable, quick mount accessory that consists of the following items:

- Clean Caddie mounting bracket
- close quarter articulated vacuum wand with hose
- multipurpose squeegee/brush tool
- vertical surface squeegee tool
- high-pressure pump hose and spray gun assembly (with three, easily-interchangeable tips)
- chemical holder
- paper towel dispenser

The system can be easily installed in as little as 10 seconds - as William showed us. We loved the way that the tools are all part of the Clean Caddie itself: "No hunting around for lost Allen keys!" he quipped - and we couldn't help but agree.

"It offers a simple solution to the problems of effectively and efficiently cleaning in three dimensions in all commercial facilities," he said. "Traditional methods do not allow for the injection of antimicrobial disinfecting chemical to neutralise the source of malodour and disease causing microorganisms.

"The Clean Caddie allows for this detailed cleaning and dirty water solution recovery. It allows facility operators to have the tools that are required for the workers to safely clean and maintain the investment in their facilities on an ongoing basis.

"This is just another way Tomcat is putting the power of the CAT to work for you."

The system will allow operatives to clean in close quarter areas such as:

- commercial kitchens
- commercial bathrooms
- stairwells
- mechanical closets
- hard-to-reach areas that were traditionally clean by mops
- walkoff mats - and for carpet spotting (with additional carpet wand)
- any other areas that can be cleaned with water
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17th May 2012

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