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Wheelie Bin 'Wash and Lift' is a really winner!

wheelie-bin-cleaner.jpgIf you were to clean 150 bins a day; each step of the cleaning process must be repeated 150 times. Each stop and start would be tiring and time consuming - and, as we all know, time is money.

Morclean's efficient system has been specifically designed to keep these steps to a minimum. There is no need to have to manoeuvre a wheelie bin inside a van, drag it onto a wash tray and manually removing it again, then times that by 150! With the trailer-mounted lift, it's all so easy.

The Morclean Wheelie Bin Wash and Lift is trailer mounted, so if you wanted you could use it as a stand-alone static machine with no vehicle, as well as being able to transport it wherever you desire.

The machine allows you to just simply hook the wheelie bin onto the lift at the rear or the trailer, press the button to operate the bin lift, and clean the bin whilst it is elevated. As you wash out the bin with the high pressure hose, the water is drained straight out of the elevated bin into a water collector - not like some other systems where this is a separate process. The water collector actually then filters the water so it is suitable to use for cleaning again.

The Morclean Wheelie wash is heavily engineered, fully self-contained and purpose built. Owning or operating one of these machines could prove very lucrative (see attached potential earnings sheet). All you need to operate is a vehicle capable of towing 800kg and you are ready to offer a mobile service, or a statically sited service in industrial facilities.

Product features include:

* Fully galvanised heavy gauge steel chassis to ensure a long and reliable service life
* Electrically operated two-bin lifting mechanism for speed and ease
* One of the only machines able t lift commercial containers with flip-up and roll-top lids
* Electric start Honda engines for ease of use and reliability
* These machines can also be supplied with a 3-phase electric motor rather than petrol engine, for use inside industrial facilities
* Fitted with a heavy-duty deep cycle battery
* Powerful water pumps with a 1.5-meter long reach wash lance
* Quick washing process, typically 10-30 seconds dependant on soiling
* Inbuilt water tank with multi-storage water filtration and water recycle system
* Long-life stainless steel filters, do not need frequent replacement
* Flat-water tank design for a low centre of gravity, ensuring vehicle stability
* The 300-litre tank provides a sufficient supply of recycled water for a full days work
* Frost protection system
* Flashing safety beacon for when on the road
* Very low maintenance requirement
* Very low running cost - typically around £1.50 a day. This includes: petrol for the engine, chemical for the water tank and disinfectant for the bins
* The high pressure hose can also be used for hard surface cleaning, such as patio and decking, floors, walls, car washing etc. A separate water inlet is provided to enable direct connection to water supply
* Compliant with the machinery directive and CE marked (Certificate of European Conformity)
* Allows legal disposal of water once it is recaptured. Allows the owner/operator to work within a framework set out by the Environment Agency, local councils and water providers to ensure an environmentally safe procedure. Fines of up to £20,00 can be levied where polluted water enters fresh water drainage systems

One important thing to consider is the fantastic earning potential these machines provide. For example, if you had a cleaning round of 150 bins per day and charged £3.50 a clean, you could earn up to £136,500 per annum. 150 may sound a lot of bins, but it equates to 25 roads on a cleaning round with 5 houses on each road. With reasonable effort this is easily achievable. Not to mention the cleaning of commercial bins, which could earn £10.00 - £20.00 per clean.

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31st May 2012

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