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Clinell and Clorox join forces

Gama Healthcare, the UK manufacturer of infection prevention products with its brand Clinell, is partnering with Clorox, one of the most trusted and highly recognised brand names in US healthcare. Clinell Clorox Chlorine Wipes harness the same technology and efficacy as Clorox Germicidal Wipes, the chlorine wipe trusted by the majority of US hospitals to help prevent the spread of C. difficile.

Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) such as C. diff, a spore forming bacterium found in the intestines with symptoms ranging from diarrhoea to more serious life threatening intestinal disease, are a growing concern in the UK. Clinell Clorox Chlorine Wipes kill the toughest micro organisms facing UK healthcare facilities and are bacteriacidal, sporicidal and virucidal.

Clinell Clorox Chlorine Wipes are ready to use, one step, 5200ppm chlorine wipes which help to reduce cross contamination between treated surfaces - they also conform to current UK Department of Health and Health Protection Agency guidelines. According to a US peer reviewed study, implementing the use of Clorox chlorine wipes showed an 85% reduction of transmission of C. difficile spores.

The wipes - designed specifically for healthcare environments - are only available in the UK.

Available in canisters with 70 wipes measuring 230 x 170mm, the wipes are designed for daily, multi-surface disinfection by environmental services and nursing staff. They are the ideal size for general purpose cleaning and disinfecting, mopping up spills and everyday patient room cleaning.

Extremely cost effective, use of the wipes has revealed savings of £135,000 for a single hospital as part of a bundled disinfection programme for one year, compared with the costs associated with treating C. diff infections. The wipes are not only economical but are designed to provide extra durability and strength for disinfecting high-risk, high-touch areas. Clinell Clorox Chlorine Wipes contain a proprietary odour masking formula, strong anti-corrosion agents and have a shelf life of one year which is not affected once the canister is opened. The wipes are compatible with a variety of hospital-grade surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic, glass and ceramics.

For your free sample while stocks last and information on trials:

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14th June 2012

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