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Don't forget the ducts, says Teinnova

Spanish company Teinnova, which specialises in the manufacture of equipment for cleaning grease from products and surfaces in kitchens; such as ducts, hoods and filters, welcomes legislation that makes those responsible for kitchen cleaning, aware of their responsibilities.

"Every day more and more countries publish enforceable standards for the maintenance of smoke exhaust systems in kitchens," argues the company's Victor Terron. "Regulations are vital if you are to have safe and hygienic conditions and as a result business opportunities arise and are taken advantage of by companies that are technologically more prepared.

"The European Community is currently working with different sectors and companies involved in this area, by preparing a base for future standards. Any company can become the reference point in their country and now is a great time to become involved."

Teinnova's Tegras system comprises three machines: a brushing robot, a foam generator with air compressor and a special degreaser.

"We believe that the Multipro brushing robot is the most advanced available in the cleaning of greasy ducts," says Victor. "It has a powerful pneumatic motor with dual rotational direction, chemical products injector and the option of assembling a centraliser with pneumatic activation brush, an axle with a reach of up to 30m and a remote control system for all manoeuvres. It is possible to clean circular and rectangular ducts from 100 to 1000mm in diameter. There is also the option of a video-inspection system with digital recording on a standard SD card.

In combination with the chemical product Comegras Foam Active, the Foam Active Plus system generates a very thick foam which adheres to the surface to be cleaned, remaining in contact for 15 minutes or more in order to obtain excellent cleaning results.

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12th July 2012

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