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Idrotech Elephants 'tusked' with removing coal dust in China

* Idrobase-Fog-Maker.jpgThere is a herd of elephants in China. These elephants are not pachyderms though, but powerful fog makers (named 'Elefante') that were despatched from Idrobase Group's Italian headquarters to the faraway province of Shanxi, close to where China meets Inner Mongolia and where there is a coalmine that creates a lot of dust.

The Elefantes' job will be to deal with the dust that results from the coal handling and from the passage of road vehicles in an area of about 32.000 square feet affected by the works.

* ELEFANTE.jpgTo tackle the problem, seven 'Fog maker' cannons have been placed at strategic points in the area to be treated. Ten-metre high plants with a 320 degree angular rotation, each is able to cover an area of 11.000 square feet with a micronised water jet reaching a 60-metre distance.

This process cleans the air, as the micro water drops make the dust particles heavier - causing them to fall to the ground cleaning. The volume of water delivered can be adjusted to suit the type and quantity of dust and the least amount of water that can do the job well is the one that is specified.

The order for these units, which has a huge economic value, is of special importance to Idrobase because it underlines the Group's ability as an exporter to countries such as China where the market usually dictates the opposite trend when it comes to doing business. Idrobase now exports to 93 countries.

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13th September 2012

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