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The Hako Virtual Adviser: a stroke of genius!

* Virtual Adviser_Hako.jpgThe benefits of cleanliness within company premises and a well-kept appearance both inside and out are well known.... They promote affinity, motivation, atmosphere, quality of work and life, road safety - and of course they create a good impression for visitors!

Machines deployed for indoor and outdoor cleaning, lawn and grounds maintenance and winter services should serve to preserve the value of buildings and property as well as being economical. The range of technical offers on the market is broad and colourful - lending advice en route to finding a suitable machine is a new online application provided by Hako.

The entire Hako product range for cleaning offices and buildings, outdoor cleaning, transport logistics, grounds maintenance and winter services has developed rapidly over the past few years - it now comprises six comprehensive product groups, from hand-operated sweeping machines to compact transporters and implement carriers from Multicar.

To provide interested parties with a basic insight and initial selection of the machine technologies for their planned cleaning and maintenance work, Hako has invested in the installation of a web-based advisory tool: the virtual Hako advisor is online!

The advisory session is started by opening Hako's website www.hako.com and then choosing a rough selection regarding the site of use from the four categories displayed (e.g. shopping centres/shops, office buildings/hospitals, stores/warehouses, roads/side-streets/parks/car parks).

* Hako-VA1.jpgDuring the subsequent step, the actual area of use is selected (e.g. warehouses) and you can specify the machine functions required (e.g. sweeping, sweeping/scrubbing-vacuuming in one working procedure).

The area to be covered is another decisive factor for selecting the necessary machine size. After selecting other parameters, e.g. whether a hand-operated machine or ride-on vehicle is required and what type of drive is preferred, an applicable range of machines appears quickly on your screen for selection.

The virtual advisor then provides a summary of the technical data related to these machines, a picture gallery, videos - showing the machines in operation - as well as the optional and accessory equipment available to supplement your choice. When machines have been configured they can then be submitted using the 'My Hako' heading and compared with each other.

Once a query is submitted to Hako, the 'virtual advisor' transfers it to a personal advisor because all subsequent advising is provided personally: the main aspects for consideration now are the differentiated building analysis and economic assessment.

* Hako-VA2.jpgReliable economic efficiency calculations, based on the on-site analysis, represent the starting point.

A basis for a decision is only really established when the anticipated service life costs are determined and can be represented in relation to the total output of a machine. The final stage is a decision on the type of acquisition; the following alternatives are normally available: purchase, hire, lease and rental (leasing + full service + mobility guarantee) or the purchase of a used machine. When provided with customised service and maintenance contracts which cover all eventualities, cooperation can begin.

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20th September 2012

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