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Limescale removal technology heralded as a breakthrough

* ContraCalc.jpgHowever clean your washrooms may appear to be, if there's limescale they're not clean enough as the limescale will quickly build up and as well as being unsightly, it will attract bacteria, which will soon start to smell really bad.

Hard water scale removal system ContraCalc incorporates the latest advances in physical water conditioning, offering what the manufacturer says is complete site protection from industrial limescale, via a single unit installed in the incoming mains cold supply.

ContraCalc is said to supersede other physical water conditioning systems on the market today as well as traditional water softening products. It is low energy, chemical free and requires no servicing.

Each ContraCalc electronic hard scale removal unit is also supplied with an automatic 24/7 water leak detection feature - potentially saving thousands of litres in undetected water leaks - while an integral particle filter stops large particles such as rust from entering the building. The particle filter has a cleverly designed back flush facility that clears the filter either manually or automatically via a solenoid and timer.

The technology behind the ContraCalc non chemical hard water scale removal system lies in its in-flow electrode design to ensure the energy field is applied at the required alignment angle to affect water molecules. The dedicated energy field generated by ContraCalc separates calcium from its molecular state and converts it to a small, amorphous and neutrally charged form that will not adhere to surfaces as hard scale. Pre-existing hard scale is gradually and safely dissolved through the action of oxide elements that are liberated during the calcium conversion process. This system is said to work every time, under all conditions and up to near boiling point (100° Celsius).

Variable electrical frequencies applied by optimal sequencing can treat variable flow conditions and this technology is the result of decades of research and testing. The ContraCalc electronic hard scale removal unit kills industrial limescale and fits today's portfolio of low energy, low carbon technology based products.

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29th November 2012

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