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Weathering through the Winter with Aquatread and Scraper II mats

* mat-depot.jpgWinter is here for many of us and your building's floor mats are more important than ever. The harsh weather of this season will show no mercy on your flooring and maintenance budget. Making an investment in floor mats could be the best decision you make this season.

Ice-melting salts, snow and water can damage your building's carpet which can be expensive to clean and even more so if water needs to be extracted first! Stripping tile, vinyl or hardwood floors will add a great deal to those costs while stain removal can also add to the burden too. The most costly damage of all of course, is the result of ice-melting salt which eats through your carpet and destroys wood finishes.

The Aquatread mat is used for indoor and outdoor entrances. Made of super-absorbent polypropylene, this mat is crush-proof and almost impervious to stains. The raised-rubber 'water dam' border traps dirt and water, keeping your floors more clean and safe. If it does need to be cleaned, you can easily do so by vacuuming, shaking off the mat, using mild soap and warm water or bleach (no, it won't take the colour out). Power washing is another quick cleaning option - although, you shouldn't launder your mats because the heavy duty washer could damage the mat. Conveniently, the Aquatread dries quickly and easily.

The Scraper II mat is designed for outdoor use, but works great inside where frequent spills may occur. It is constructed of 100% durable nitrile rubber, so the cold weather, snow and even ice-melting salt won't damage the mat. Cleats act as scrapers to remove dirt, soil, ice, snow, etc. from shoes and provide an anti-skid surface. To clean the Scraper II, simply vacuum, brush or shake the soil off.

When the Aquatread and Scraper II mats are used together, they will be most effective. The Scraper II mat, if placed outdoors, will get all the loose debris off your feet, while the Aquatread mat on the indoors gets off the rest of the debris, making your floors stay cleaner. Depending on the wear and tear of your mats, these should last about five years, although once they start showing obvious signs of wear and tear, you should replace them.

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