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Currently suffering what appears to be my second relapse into the flu which started several days before we broadcast our last issue of Cleanzine before Christmas, I've had plenty of time to lie around over the break, reflect on things I never generally have time to think about and watch rubbishy TV programmes.

Unusually my New Year's Eve was spent alone, shivering and wrapped in blankets on the sofa, which meant that throughout the day I saw a number of news bulletins showing the different countries welcome in 2013 with incredible firework displays - even, for the first time, North Korea. Now I may sound rather Scrooge-like here but having become bored with London's offering at least five minutes before the end - spectacular as it all was - I started wondering what all the homeless people watching from sleeping bags in doorways, or cardboard boxes in London's parks, would be thinking as they looked up into the night's sky. Then I thought about the homeless throughout the world, and those who are sick but can't afford essential medicines, and those who are hungry, and wondered what they thought of it all.

If just half of what was spent on all the fireworks globally could have gone to good causes instead, just think what a difference it would have made to these people's lives!

It then occurred to me that perhaps one of the best ways that we as a global cleaning industry could raise our profile, is to launch a worldwide charity initiative. I know some of the UK industry associations have their own charity fundraising initiatives and I daresay that this is true for many cleaning industry associations throughout the world, (do let me know please if you are!) but sadly lots of the work funded by the money raised, is duplicated. Just imagine what we could achieve if we all worked together on something!

FB.jpgI'd love your thoughts on whether or not this might be feasible...

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Jan Hobbs

10th January 2013

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