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Powr-Flite troubleshooter: How to safely remove ice melt haze from hard floors

Many properties use ice melt compounds this time of year. These are minerals designed to reduce the freezing point of water, helping to keep surfaces such as pavements and pathways safer to walk on during cold, icy weather.

However, these compounds are often tracked into buildings where they dry, leaving a white haze on interior hard-surface floors. This haze can become very difficult to remove and if cleaned improperly, can seriously damage the floor's appearance.

This month's Powr-Flite Floor Care Troubleshooter provides tips on how to remove ice melt from floors carefully and safely.

"The first thing to do is select a specifically designed ice melt cleaner with a neutral pH," says Mike Englund, a cleaning industry trainer and product manager for Powr-Flite, the renowned manufacturer of professional floor care equipment.

"The product's pH is critical. A product with a very low or very high pH may prove ineffective or possibly damage the floor or remove the floor's finish."

With the proper cleaning solution selected, Mike suggests the following key steps in removing ice melt from hard-surface floors:

- Remove all mats
- Thoroughly sweep or vacuum the area using an advanced filtration unit; utilise all necessary vacuum attachments, such as corner and crevice tools, to maximise debris removal
- Dry mop the same areas with a microfibre flat mop to remove any remaining dry ice melt crystal
- Damp mop with a properly diluted, neutral pH ice melt residue remover
- Rinse the floor with clean water if needed
- Repeat the process if ice melt remains
- Implement preventative measures, such as strategically scheduled cleaning and an effective high performance matting system

"Ice melt helps promote safety, but it must be applied carefully and properly removed from indoor hard-surface floors," adds Mike. "Keeping it off floors can be a challenge, but using these steps can clean up its residue, help protect your client's floor, and preserve its shine."

Established more than 40 years ago, Powr-Flite manufactures a full line of floor-care equipment and carpet extractors for the professional cleaning industry. Based in Fort Worth, TX, the company has over 20 patented designs and its products are recognised throughout the world for their innovation, durability, quality and performance. The products are marketed directly to end-use customers as well as through distributors throughout the North America, Europe and the Far East.

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