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We have mail: Derrick Blunden responds to last week's leader on the EU

Dear Jan

Thank you for your wise words.

When I voted for Britain to join the European Economic Community in 1975 I was told and believed that I had agreed to the UK joining a free trade area. I have never agreed to give the rights and responsibilities for non trade powers to any other entity.

The European Union has been foisted on the people of the UK. Snip by snip we have seen our democratic control relinquished to the Eurocrats.

In the past my vote on these issues had a 33% chance of influencing the outcome. Today my vote in EU elections has only about a 3% chance of influencing the outcome of decision making in the EU Parliament.

The Eurocrats have far more to lose if the UK leaves the EU than the UK has to lose.

They have repeatedly been unable to show good governance and handling of our tax monies, and then they ask for more.

The EU is a big market, we do enjoy a large amount of trade with it, but they also enjoy a large amount of trade with us.

I cannot see them wanting to ditch the UK as a trading partner.

In 10 to 20 years time the growing economies of India, China, Brazil and Indonesia will dwarf the EU, and the potential for rapid growth will soon make up any loss especially when we have shed the shackles of EU related costs and employment restrictions.

The analogy of joining a club and wanting to change the rules is a fallacy.

If you wish, we did join a club but then they changed the rules.

They invited in members who not only pay less in membership fees, but also expect us to pay their bar bills.
The club then also changed from being a group of free members who could come and go when they pleased into a tight military unit with restrictive mandatory disciplines that were not there when we joined.

Sadly I strongly suspect that if David Cameron gets anything in the way of change it will be minimal, but presented as a wonderful improvement when we go to the polls. Then 'the voters' will be hoodwinked into staying in.

Best wishes

Derrick Blunden

31st January 2013

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