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Soluclean product/training videos now available on YouTube

Soluclean-video.jpgThey say a picture paints a thousand words and Soluclean has gone one stage further with its product/training videos which are now available on YouTube.

The videos show the Soluclean range and how it should be used, ably demonstrated by Lynn Webster, Managing Director of cleaning consultancy LWC and ex-National Chair of the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

As well as highlighting Soluclean's laminated product wall charts and how they are best sited on the door of the (neat and tidy!) lockable cleaning cupboard, the videos demonstrate the use of colour coding and how it runs through the company's range. They show how simple the products are to use (you just pop the dissolvable sachet into the receptacle and mix - no working out of complicated dilution rates and thus no headache or room for error and no physical contact with the chemical itself, for added safety!) how to mix them with water in either the spray bottle, mop bucket or floor cleaning machine and then - thanks to Lynn - good cleaning practice.

Cleanzine keyed 'Soluclean' into the YouTube search bar and a whole selection comes up. www.youtube.com is only a couple of minutes long and demonstrates just how useful these videos are - particularly for those who may not have a good command of the local language!

There are several videos to choose from depending upon which product application is required - or you can simply watch the longer video, which covers them all. You will soon see that they highlight the simplicity of the system, demonstrate the space saving advantages and - more importantly - the potion control from a cost point of view.

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28th February 2013

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