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Electrolysed water for The Lab at Westminster Kingsway

* Westminster-Kingsway.jpgThe Lab, one of the brand new facilities at Westminster Kingsway College, enables students to explore - and experiment with, the latest innovations in science-based cooking equipment and techniques. It is headed by Rachel Edwards-Stuart, a doctor of food science and also a qualified chef.

Rachel needed to ensure the highest levels of hygiene in The Lab were achieved but didn't want to resort to chemical methods as there was the very real possibility that the odour and taste residues could interfere with the students' sensory perception within the groundbreaking cooking experiments they work on.

On top of this, the contact time required to make most chemical methods effective was prohibitively long and, most importantly, she wanted the cleaning and sanitising method used to reflect the forward thinking philosophy of The Lab.

Therefore, Rachel opted for a ROX electrolysed water system, supplied and installed by EOwater, which dispenses alkaline cleaning water and acidic sanitising water on demand. There is no odour, it is effective within seconds and, importantly, it is entirely environmentally friendly.

Because the students frequently work with hydrocolloids as part of their course, the ROX unit is fitted with a reverse osmosis outlet so that there is a constant supply of the 'clean' water needed to work with - completely free from deposits, minerals and micro organisms.

Picture shows:

Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart in Westminster Kingsway's new science cooking facility

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7th March 2013

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