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'Bin' making the most of the time at the show...

* Morclean.jpgWe didn't get to speak to the team on the Morclean stand until the final day, so busy were they every time we walked past.... So we weren't surprised when Managing Director Peter Morley (pictured) told us they'd had around seven good leads an hour, every hour.

"These shows are normally dominated by the 'big boys' he said. "Visitors recognise their names and flock to their stands; consequently the smaller players never get a look in. This show has been brilliant! Several councils have shown a real interest, as have a number of contract cleaning and window cleaning companies."

John and I couldn't help but feel that Morclean's success was in some way down to how the team worked the stand. We so often see exhibitors engrossed in phone calls or entering their leads into their ledgers; effectively deterring potential visitors from going onto the stand. Not so Morclean, whose Peter Stephenson and Keith Clark positively engaged with those wandering past and even ably demonstrated how sturdy the company's wheelie bin washing machine is. The order books can be filled out once the show has closed its doors and no doubt Morclean has been doing a lot of that!

Morclean's new wheelie bin wash range - ideal for both domestic and commercial wheelie bin cleaning - is of high quality design, extremely efficient and really easy to use. The machines complete in seconds what can otherwise be a tedious and sometimes unpleasant job. They can wash two domestic bins simultaneously.

"Practical, safe, and featuring a 'one-button' lift mechanism, these really are best wheelie bin cleaners around," said Peter Morley. "They also recapture and recycle the wastewater, so you can reuse the water throughout the day! That's a whole day's work on just one tank of water! Furthermore, the wash water is recaptured and recycled in a way that it can be disposed of legally - as per the EA Guidelines."

Peter explained that unlike most of Morclean's hire equipment, its wheelie bin cleaners are not usually hired for a one-off job as most contractors use the machines for a regular bin cleaning round. Therefore, these machines are available for a long-term hire, typically 12, 24 or 36 months. "We keep brand new machines in stock or build them to order," he said, before Peter and Keith showed us how easy the machines are to use.

"You simply roll the wheelie bin to the rear of the trailer and align it with the lifting mechanism before pressing the lift button, which elevates the bin into the air," they said. "Once the bin is elevated, you can use the high-pressure, heavy-duty, 1.5 metre wash lance to spray its interior - the lance gets into all of the nooks and crannies and does its job without the need much elbow grease... A few seconds work for an effortless clean! The water drains out of the still-elevated bin and straight into the machine's catchment tray. Any large pieces of debris are caught straight away in the main filter, before the water is filtered into the tank, ready to be used again later on in the day... All one simple process without any hard work! Now the bin is clean and another press of the lift button lowers it back onto the ground where it can be rolled back to its rightful place."

The trailer system can also be used as a trailer mounted pressure washer direct from a mains water supply - perfect for driveway, paving and decking cleaning etc, to provide extra revenue. The machine is portable and trailer mounted so the user's vehicle doesn't have to be dedicated to this system. All that is required is a vehicle capable of towing 800Kg (when full) with a standard 50mm ball hitch and two electric trailer sockets (one for the trailer lights and one for the power - as with a caravan twin socket). The trailer has its own battery to start the engine and work the bin lift; this is topped up by the Honda engine and charged by the vehicle from the socket. If no socket is available, the machine can run for up to one week on the battery alone.

"If you were cleaning 100 bins per day, the Honda 9HP engine petrol tank can last for up to one week," said Peter. "Very low running costs - typically about £1.50 per day (including: petrol, chemical and disinfectant) mean that these machines can be amazingly lucrative! If you have a bin-cleaning round of 150 bins a day (which is just a few streets) and charge £3.50 per clean, you're looking at £136,500 annual income! Look at the chart on our website, showing potential earnings and examples. You can choose your own hours, pick your days and be earning a lot of money! The machine is very low on running costs, and if you have a lease on the machine, the cost would be easily covered with the profits from the bin cleaning round.

"There are numerous devices on the market ranging from 'home made' wash trays to pick up mounted bin washers... Some involve dragging a wheelie bin inside a van and then manually lifting it up and placing it onto a wash tray 150 times a day. This is both tiring and time consuming - a process that is eliminated using the Morclean trailer-mounted battery operated lifting device."

The machines offer a long service life due to the fully galvanized steel chassis, stainless steel filters and durable plastic components. They incorporate a 350 litre baffled water tank with a low centre of gravity for stability and easy cleaning and a 2200psi, 15 litres per minute pressure washer, as well as a frost protection system using the integral filler pipe, and fully protected, low voltage electrics. They also have a flashing safety beacon.

Tel +44 (0)1246 471147
E: [email protected]
W: www.morclean.co.uk / www.morclean.com

28th March 2013

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