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JAWS open and at the ready...

JAWS.gifJAWS (Just Add Water System), an innovative and effective range of green cleaning solutions, has recently launched in the UK following excellent growth in the US, Canada & Australia amongst other markets. Developed by Canberra Corporation, a US company with 40 years' experience in the manufacture of cleaning solutions, the technology allows bottles to be re-used and refilled effectively using a patented cartridge system.

"Developed to reduce the needless transport of water, the environmental benefits of JAWS are highlighted in a study conducted by supply chain expert's eSync, which concluded that producing, transporting and storing one truck of JAWS cartridges is equivalent to 30 trucks of standard spray bottles, and the resulting conservation of fuel throughout the supply chain is mind boggling," said Justin.

In 2012, with more than 10 million cartridges sold in the US alone to contract cleaners, restaurants, hotels, schools, universities & commercial offices amongst a host of others - users have highlighted a number of operational benefits to their business. Convenience is regularly cited, as carrying and storing spare cartridges requires a fraction of the space of spare bottles, as is the benefit that users never touch the chemicals, the products work across such a variety of surfaces, cost savings against other RTU brands and that all the solutions clean so effectively.

Dilution control systems are of course not a new concept, but what sets JAWS apart is the neatness and ease-of-use because there are no spills from decanting, no powder to mix and the correct dosage is supplied every time. The JAWS technology also affords financial savings due to the reduced packaging and transport costs. Passing these savings onto users, leads to a significantly lower price per litre when compared against other leading RTU brands.

When a bottle of JAWS solution is finished, you simply refill the bottle with tap water, insert a patented JAWS cartridge into the neck of the bottle, and screw the trigger spray back on. As the sprayer closes, the concentrate is released from the cartridge and mixes with the water, giving another full bottle of solution.

JAWS RTU solutions are all non-toxic, bio-degradable and free from phosphates, ammonia & butyls - harsh chemicals found in many cleaning products. Despite this, the company is at pains to point out that its solutions are still highly effective cleaning chemical solutions, cleaning as well or better than well-known national brands.

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4th April 2013

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