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We have Mail: Any idiot can clean?

With reference to your recent lead article (Any idiot can clean? www.facebook.com/Cleanzine), those of us connected to the cleaning industry are blighted before we even start. Skilled professionals in all their individual areas, (engineers, surgeons, pilots etc) are respected for their skill, their knowledge, and their application. We all admire them, but unfortunately every adult on the planet is a cleaner!! All have been made to clean at some time in their life at home, or in their personal environment, and they think they are now experts, so when a professional cleaner performs, he or she is facing silent but intense scrutiny from the outset. 

No matter how many qualifications a cleaning professional attains, all are vulnerable to this fact, so yes, any idiot can clean if they are the client, and are determined to denigrate ones work, and if you do not take before and after pictures you are destroying the evidence of your work, especially if the client has a mind to question whether something has been cleaned or not.

And yes there are cleaners who seem to know better than a manufacturer or their own management regarding the application of product mix, but one of the most infuriating ironies is staff of the client who have a cleaning responsibility and fail to execute it, and then expect to see miracles being performed.

Apart from the experiences expressed above, on a more serious note, is the message that using inappropriate products to clean many surfaces that have had manufacturers specialised treatment, and is not being adhered to, or not being publicised strongly enough.

Malcolm Brown
Sure Foot

25th April 2013

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