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Chemspec Europe solving the insolvable

* Chemspec-Europe-Dye-Gone.jpgSome stains appear to be impossible to remove and the professional cleaner that can 'solve the insolvable' will gain much credibility and valuable recommendations to others. This is the experience of a growing number of customers who use a great new Chemspec Europe product to make really stubborn stains disappear. 

Many stains can be removed simply by the extraction of soiling material but others leave a dye stain in the fibres that cannot be removed. Often the only option in this case is to modify the colour of the stain until it becomes transparent.

DyeGone is a very clever product with a patented formula of a mixture of chemicals that work like your best stain removal technician. It does not really extract the dye from the textile but it modifies it chemically, over time, making it colourless. DyeGone is effective on a wide range of notoriously difficult stains including red wine, crepe paper, blackcurrant juice, fake tan, stubborn tea and coffee, barbeque sauce, gravy, Betadine/Iodine, soy sauce and many more.

For the best results you simply treat the fresh stain with Chemspec Professional Spot Lifter prior to using DyeGone - this will remove other ingredients, but will sometimes leave dye in the fabric. To be effective, DyeGone should be applied immediately after mixing the two chemical solutions together.

Instead of the messy process of mixing manually, DyeGone is provided in a dual bottle with a cleverly designed trigger that accurately mixes just the right proportions of the two bottles together at the point of application. Consequently the product is always fresh and full strength, there is no wastage of any unused mixture and the container, with the trigger still in place, is simply stored until the next time it is required. Because the change to the stain takes several minutes, the operator must watch the effect take place and stop the action at the right time by rinsing with cold water.

Because DyeGone modifies colours it is important to mask the surrounding area and only apply it to the stain. The action of DyeGone can be accelerated with the application of heat but the traditional use of a damp cloth with a hot iron is not really appropriate, as water will affect the process. Many users find that, after masking and application, it is best to lay cling film over the area with a container of hot water sitting on top. This prevents evaporation and the container can then be lifted frequently to view the progress through the cling film.

Once a good result is obtained, you just rinse with cold water, (rather than acid rinse or other chemical solutions) to stop the process. DyeGone does not leave any residue and hence will not cause resoiling so, where the stain is not heavy, some users simply mist it on lightly, leave it to dry for, perhaps, 10 minutes and then check later to see if further application is needed.

Chemspec Europe's Richard Suddall tells us that one of the company's very enthusiastic users of DyeGone involves the customer in the decision to use it and justifies the additional cost of 'solving the insolvable'. DyeGone, of course, then does the job, the customer is impressed and very happy and far more likely to recommend the technician to others than if he had simply used it without highlighting this valuable capability!

Refill bottles are available to be used with the same, very clever trigger.

DyeGone was chosen from 67 entries as one of the three finalists for the Innovation Awards at The Cleaning Show earlier this year.

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23rd May 2013

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