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Also being considered for an award is RCM’s Eco Sanitizing scrubber, which is eco-friendly and saves money. Export Area Manager Celio Franch, told us:

“RCM’s Eco Sanitising system is for the professional sanitisation of floors. It reduces 97% of bacteria, eliminates the cost of separate sanitisation, reduces cleaning costs, partially or totally reduces detergent use and increases operator safety.

“Ozone is an unstable gas comprised of three oxygen molecules that naturally convert into oxygen. The ozone has a high oxidising power; it sterilises water more rapidly and completely than chlorine and doesn’t release any toxic residues. The ozone facilitates the inactivation of bacteria, fungus, moulds, viruses and unwanted odours.

“Thanks to the in-line system, eco-sanitising immediately generates ozonated water after the activation of the brushes combined with the forward motion of the machine, making it ready to be used.

“There is no environmental impact from this product if it is not used with a detergent, as ozone does not leave any residue.”

Roberto Raimondi, President of the company, (pictured here with the machine) added that the system had been independently tested by the University of Paduva.

“The SpinOff Department of the University has verified the effectiveness of the system in a public health facility, depositing an official protocol with an international significance, that attests the abatement of more than 97% of any bacteria present, using just ozonated water without chemical disinfectant.”

The system is currently available on the mid-sized RCM scrubbers such as the Mega 1, Mega II and the Elan, but will be rolled out across much of the range over the coming months.

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22nd May 2013

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