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Cotton1.jpgDespite the bright and eyecatching stand and the cheerful welcome from Olivier Foret and Bertrand Clausel, we couldn’t help but think, when they poured oil on a display board and filled a cup with what looked like wet sand, that this was just another spill absorbency kit. And when they said: “There’s no need to worry about the quantity of product you tip onto the spill,” we assumed it wasn’t very eco-friendly either! It soon became clear that we were completely wrong…


Because the absorbent material is made up from the by-products of the cotton manufacturing process, which would otherwise be discarded. And it really doesn’t matter how much product you use because it immediately encapsulates the spillage, turns it into solid lumps, and anything not actually encapsulating the spillage, can be reused. And there’s more…

Firercan, which is said to absorb eight times more than conventional absorbent materials, really cleared up the oil in the demonstration we saw. I rubbed the surface and sure enough there was no residue at all.

“It’s renewable and biodegradable,” said Bertrand. “The product can be used to 100% of its capacity.”

As well as being easy to use manually, the system is also offered with a machine which operates on the same principle and is perfect for large spillages. Its filter catches the lumps of encapsulated spillage for quick and easy removal. Uneeded product simply falls into the storage bin. A trapdoor offers easy access to the absorbent material stock and once closed, this seals the container.

Olivier told us that this equipment offered an ideal solution for oil spillages on the sea, although it can be used for any liquid spillage, in any situation.


22nd May 2013

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