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Duct2.jpgConsidering that industrial kitchens are equipped with exhaust systems designed to evacuate smoke and odours, the extracted vapours contain a high degree of fat that accumulates in the filters, hoods, ducts and extractors. The fat is highly flammable and is responsible for most fires in restaurants. Furthermore, dirty systems force the system’s fan to work that much harder, resulting in higher energy consumption and also generating bad smells as a result of inadequate ventilation.

It’s a real problem, so it was interesting to see the Spanish Teinnova stand with its fully working display. The team explained that the Tegras concept is a business or service extension concept designed to efficiently clean extraction systems and ducting. “There is great demand for these specialised services from industrial kitchens in many sectors,” said Ramon Anadon and Victor Terron. “We have innovative equipment and our company can provide technical, management and sales training so that these services can be performed professionally.”

They explained that the system comprises a pneumatic brushing robot for duct cleaning, a compressed air generator and an active foam and rinsing generator.

“The Multipro brushing robot is the most advanced of its kind for cleaning greasy ducts,” said Victor. “It’s equipped with a powerful dual rotation pneumatic motor, a chemical product injector and is offered with the option of installing an air-activated brush aligner. It has a long range of up to 30 metres, a remote control system that enables you to ‘fine tune’ all manoeuvres and it allows you to clean circular and rectangular ducts measuring from 150mm to 1000 mm. A video inspection system with digital recording on a standard SD card can be incorporated as an option.

 “The pneumatic brush technology provides ample power for the elimination of dirt that has accumulated in ducts over time. It has none of the overheating or breakdown problems associated with some electrical systems and it reduces cleaning costs.

“What makes this even more special though is the addition of the Foam Active Plus system, which is a dual tank system. One tank generates and injects a foaming cleaning agent while the other injects a rinsing agent for a particularly thorough clean. The system, which is equipped with a control panel and digital display, heats the liquids to about 60 degrees C and converts the chemical degreasing solution and water into a highly alkaline foam to eliminate the fat that adheres to the inside of the duct, to provide a long lasting effect.


23rd May 2013

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