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Ecogum: zap chewing gum on the go

* Ecogum-Neil_Jason.jpgEnjoying the freedom, sunshine and fresh air of the external exhibition area - and having a very busy show too - was Neil Maddox (pictured left) and his sidekick 'Jason'. Neil showed us how Ecogum works and just how easy it is to use.

"Ecogum is an environmentally responsible chewing gum removal system that is easy to use for long periods without causing the operative fatigue," he said.

There is the option of a high visibility, comfortable backpack for the operative to wear or a carry case that contains a small LPG canister and a bottle of gum solution. At the touch of a button, the cleverly designed pump will inject 3ml per second of the solution into the lance - which is the exact amount required to provide a constant source of the vaporised chemical that is needed for the job. At the point of contact there is a small brass brush that when agitated with the steam, simply disintegrates the gum, all in a few seconds. Inside the pack is the Ni-Mh rechargeable power source.

"Can you imagine the freedom of just being able to walk around, removing gum as you go?" he asked.

"Previously, if you removed gum with high pressure hoses you had to have eyes in the back of your head! Trying to ensure that nobody tripped over the hoses and trying to stop the overspray going up the buildings and under doorways was a nightmare, while the grouting between slabs and block work would get blown away and you'd end up working in a river of sand! All the gum you'd removed would simply end up somewhere else... You couldn't work with the public around and the place would be swamped with water...

"The super-heated steam machines work well and are environmentally friendly but they generally require a generator, which means you need a vehicle that sometimes can't be parked close enough to where you need to work, which means longer leads and hoses.

"The Ecogum system is non-hazardous, non-corrosive, phosphate-free and fully biodegradable. The detergent, which has a natural pH, comes from renewable resources and does not require water - which means there will be no water spray to worry about. Further, it does not require a vehicle or a generator, does not create hazards caused by trailing leads, will not disturb block paving joints and as there is no need to cone off an area during operation, there is no disruption to your customers or members of the public.

"And most importantly, there is no gum!"

For a free demonstration:
T: 0121 4227 5815
E: [email protected]
W: www.ecogum.co.uk

30th May 2013

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