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New approach to old and increasing problem of insects

* Insect-Lava.jpgThere are 200 million insects to each and every human being on this planet and, whilst some, like bees, perform an essential service, many can be a serious nuisance and are regarded as pests. The increase in insect problems arises from recent changes in climate and the rapid growth of natural, biodegradable materials in home fabrics and building materials.

Pest control is subject to legislation to protect humans, animals and the environment. To provide a professional service to others now requires the provider to be formally qualified to do so and Chemspec Europe, has developed a complete training programme to authorise Textile Insect Pest Technicians.

This provides a massive opportunity for additional profits as the material costs for application is minimal whilst current prices for this service can be hundreds or thousands of £'s/Euro's depending upon the size and intensity of the contamination.

The training is provided by email and can be studied and turned around in a couple of hours. Consisting of a Manual and PowerPoint slides, there is a series of multi-choice questions, which, if answered correctly, will provide a License Number and Certificate.

The course material covers:

- Insect types, including egg-hatching times, identifying larvae, insect habits and the potential sources of the insect to prevent recontamination
- Harbourages - hiding places, egg sites and pupa hatching sites together with knowledge of the potential for recurrence after treatment
- Personal Protective Equipment and Health & Safety recommendations for Chemtreat Plus, the Chemspec Insecticidal product
- Application and environmental safety rules for the use of the insecticide in the UK (rules for other European countries may vary)

The company's new product, Chemtreat Plus, is available as an insecticide, to be used only by trained professionals as it must be used in a way that protects the environment. It targets insects with a complete metamorphosis such as carpet beetles, fleas, moths and flies.

"As with all products that are designed to kill, the health & safety and environmental issues were our prime concern," says the company. "One important feature of Chemtreat Plus is the fully dissolvable packaging, which avoids the need for professional disposal as required with many competitive products."

T: +44 (0)1274 597333
W: www.chemspec-europe.com

12th September 2013

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