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Tornado cleans up without water and without chemicals


The aptly named new Tornado mobile jet system is based on a worldwide patented negative pressure jet principle. Designed as a mobile compact device, it is no bigger than a standard industrial vacuum cleaner, but the combination of units, which incorporate a jet cap and jet lance, a filtering cartridge and dust separation unit, as well as the container for the required granulates, creates a fast and efficient, negative pressure cleaning system which is ideal for removing graffiti etc.

When the machine is switched on, a negative pressure of approximately 170mbar is produced in the jet hood. The hood is placed on the working surface where it is held fast by the negative pressure. The jet lance is then placed into the jet cap, thus closing the cycle.

The blast medium is sucked in by the lance and accelerates to more than 400 km/h. With this speed the jet material hits the surface, which can then be purified, roughened up or cleaned of layers according to the requirements of the job. This process can be controlled by the user through vision panels in the jet cap.

After hitting the surface, the blast medium is sucked off immediately, together with the removed particles. Inside the device dirt and other particles are separated from the granules through a filtering system, which reduces granulate consumption. Depending on the granulate used, it can be reused about 70 - 100 times in the cycle.

Another advantage of this system is that because of the closed cycle, the device has a very low noise level (75 decibels), which means it is about as noisy as a conventional vacuum cleaner.

As well as being ideal for graffiti-removal, the team on the stand told us that the machine can be used for the cleaning of natural stone, rust removal, fire restoration work, lacquer removal and to roughen up surfaces.

The system is easily transportable and requires just a 230V connection. Protective clothing is not required.


3rd October 2013

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