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Morclean introduces the new model Air-tech (1 and 2)

* morclean-air.jpgThe Airtec vac is part of the extensive Morclean range of vacs, including air vacs, safety and ATEX vacs, as well as hazardous dust vacs.

Morclean has a reputation for problem solving or providing bespoke equipment to niche markets while understanding the need for equipment that is used in specialist applications and the Air-tech is a further example of this philosophy.

The Airtec vac offers a fantastic industrial cleaning solution without the hassle of moving parts, fans and electrical components that often create the problem of further maintenance and repair.

The high capacity Air-tech is a supercharged, air-operated, industrial vacuum cleaner for use on wet or dry materials. Fully operated via an air supply attached to the top of the vacuum, unlike normal vacuum cleaners it does not require electricity.

"Although this is the new model Air-Tech, don't be fooled - we have not changed our simple, easy to operate and robust design, but we have tweaked it a little to take into account changes you wanted us to make," says the company's Peter Morley.

"Due to the nature of this model, which means it has an extremely strong suction power, it's perfect for use in industrial settings such as mines, oil rigs, shipyards, food processing facilities, factories, foundries, chemical plants, railway workshops and the aviation industry as well as in many other environments.

"It cleans up sumps, drains, elevator pits, blast furnaces, boiler flues, dust collectors and degreasers and is capable of removing oil, sludge, sewage, swarf, food, slag sand and turnings.

"The vacuum can siphon up to 45 fluid gallons in 24 seconds and can store up to 200 litres of waste. This - and the option of a 38mm hose or a 51mm hose - makes it perfect for an industrial setting."

The Air-Tech comes in two different models - Air-tech/1 and Air-tech/2 with the main difference being the number of Venturi used on each model. The Air-tech/1 uses a single Venturi whilst the Air-Tech/2 uses a twin Venturi.

"As you can see from the specifications the more venturi used, the more powerful the vacuum," explains Peter.

The technical side: a Venturi and the Venturi Effect - better than a normal vac?

The Venturi effect is a jet effect that operates using the laws of physics and uses the fast flow of air from the Venturi's on the top of the Air-Tech system to create a suction more powerful than a normal vacuum.

Vacuum: up to 17" Hg
Flow rate: Uup to 45 gallons in 24 secs
Lift: up to 6m
Dimensions: 1110mm (h) x 740mm (w) x 600mm (d)
Weight: unloaded 54kg/57kg
Capacity: 205 litres
Compressed air inlet: 3/4 BSP Female Valve or 3/4 " for tree tail
Castors: 100mm
Air-Tech/1: @100psi - 100cfm; @80psi - 80cfm; @60psi - 60cfm; @40psi - 40cfm
Air-Tech/2: @100psi - 200cfm; @80psi - 160cfm; @60psi - 120cfm; @40psi - 80cfm

T: +44 (0)1246 471147
W: www.morclean.co.uk / www.morclean.com

24th October 2013

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