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Bearing in mind just how much our supermarkets make each year I was rather disgruntled to learn this week that one of the UK’s ‘big five’ chains, Morrisons, is planning to save money by scrapping its regular store window cleaning services between December and February. Why is it always the cleaning budget that's cut when money's tight?

According to some reports, the decision-makers believe that customers won’t notice as it’s mostly going to be dark outside with little sunshine to show up any dust, smears and other dirt.

That may be so, but I wonder how much thought they’ve put into potential loss of profits, when the now redundant (and possibly income-less) local window cleaners who may be Morrisons customers, either can’t afford to shop, or simply decide to spend their money elsewhere because they’ve been cast aside – not to mention their family and friends who may support them by following suit.

Judging by comments in the forums, other customers tend to feel that this lack of pride in the cleaning probably mirrors a disregard of hygiene throughout the operation and are threatening to start visiting one of the other four large supermarkets, rather than shop in what’s likely to be a dirty facility! 

A spokesman for the chain also cited ‘health & safety’ as being a reason for the cuts, because the water that runs off windows can be a slip hazard in the Winter. I can’t help wondering though, why that’s never been a problem before…

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Jan Hobbs

5th December 2013

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