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Free guide shows how to keep your workforce healthy

* cool-office.jpgA free guide to improving workplace wellbeing, with eight practical steps to help reduce staff absence and cross-infection, has been launched by specialist in cleaning & hygiene, Julius Rutherfoord.

Figures from PwC research this year indicate that sick days cost UK business £29 billion annually - and of course the global cost is many times that amount. It is no surprise that having healthy staff in your organisation leads to lower absenteeism, improved productivity, increased morale and better staff retention. But what can be done to reduce the business bill for being ill?

Short-term absence from minor illness is the most common cause of absence. The guide reveals some shocking facts about the spread of infection in the workplace and outlines practical steps that business owners, facilities managers and those with responsibility for business operations can take to improve workplace wellbeing.

"Failure to look after staff and care for facilities is costing businesses dearly," warns James Bennett, Operations Director at Julius Rutherfoord. "Getting workplace wellbeing right is essential for 21st century businesses that are striving for growth in a challenging economic environment."

Three of the steps recommended within the guide are:

Clean your tech:

Many of us use laptops, tablet computers and smart phones, and because of the frequent contact with our hands and proximity to our faces, germs are easily transferred to them. Bacteria can build up on these devices to alarmingly high levels, in the worst cases up to 18 times higher than you might find on a toilet seat. Use specially formulated cleaning wipes that are designed to clean hi-tech devices without damaging the electronics or screens. These can be distributed throughout the office to encourage staff to keep their tech clean and reduce contamination.

Promote a healthy workplace culture:

A healthy workplace isn't just about managing germs. Often staff retention, wellbeing, motivation and productivity can be increased through a more holistic approach to your working culture. As well as ensuring fundamental working conditions are in place including temperature, cleanliness and space, take extra measures to boost employee well-being. Actions like providing fresh fruit, corporate gym membership and flexible working can create a healthy working culture and improve business performance.

Clean with colour coded equipment:

Bacteria are easily spread around the workplace, yet not everyone is aware of the importance of using different cleaning equipment in different areas. You wouldn't want the same cloths that are used to clean washrooms to also be used to clean kitchen surfaces. Mops, buckets, brooms and cloths should be colour coded for use in designated areas to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

These are just some of the eight steps organisations can take to promote a healthy workplace and reduce staff absenteeism.

To receive a free copy of this guide visit:

T: 020 7819 6700
E: sales@julius-r.co.uk
W: www.julius-r.co.uk

5th December 2013

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