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StepNpull marches into Europe to combat effects of dirty washroom users

* StepNpull.jpgEstimates vary but it is widely accepted that at least half of those using public toilets don't wash their hands while many of those that do, don't clean them properly. Typically we carry between 10,000 to a million germs on clean hands - imagine what type of nasty germs you can pick up in the public toilets?

New StepNpull is a potentially life saving device, as it eliminates the unnecessary spread of bacteria from door handles. Revolutionising the way we open any door - including public toilets, it eradicates the need to touch the dreaded door handle by letting you exit the door using just your foot.

Stylish and simple, StepNpull is made of recycled aluminium and makes the dream of hands-free door opening a reality. Installed in minutes and retro-fitted to the base of most catchless doors, every hospital, cruise ship, restaurant, office and school can use it as a cost-effective way of combating the transfer of germs, improve public health and most of all provide a solution a problem that concerns those who are interested in hygiene.

StepNpull is already an established product in the US and has offered peace of mind to millions of Americans, since it is currently servicing the top 100 biggest companies. Now it's manufactured, produced and distributed from the UK throughout Europe and beyond. It comes in a range of colours to tie in with most environments and - perhaps more importantly - it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Behind the product is entrepreneur Mick Janaway, who became interested in devices which help prevent the spread of bacteria after he caught an infection that nearly cost him his arm. He discovered StepNpull while in the US last year and, amazed by its simplicity, decided to use it to take his new life direction; to help prevent the transfer of nasty bacteria across Europe.

''It was in Colorado that my life changed forever with the discovery of StepNpull," reports Mick. "The minute I saw it, I was hooked. I just couldn't believe how simple it was and that nobody had done it before!"

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W: www.stepnpull.co.uk

27th February 2014

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