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IFMA co-launches EU FM Coalition for FM public policy advocacy in Europe

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA), in partnership with other leading European FM organisations, has launched the EU FM Coalition to educate decision-makers and stakeholder groups on the importance and impact of facilities management within the European Union.

The official launch took place at the European Facility Management Conference in Berlin, Germany, in conjunction with World FM Day yesterday (4th June). The EU FM Coalition promises to help shape public policy, provide industry perspective and highlight the connection between facilities management and important public sector goals such as energy efficiency.

As the number and influence of facilities management professionals continues to grow throughout Europe, the EU FM Coalition is poised to become the preeminent public advocacy body for facilities management within the Union. The complete list of FM organisations that participated in the launch includes: IFMA, EuroFM, the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM), the Romanian Facility Management Association (ROFMA), the German Facility Management Association (GEFMA), the Bulgarian Facility Management Association, the IFMA Foundation and IFMA chapters in Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Facilities management is a large and growing global industry with stakes in a huge variety of public policy issues including energy and water use, environmental stewardship, tax policy, disaster preparation and recovery, emergency response, workplace safety, education and training, smart buildings and worker mobility. Many of these subjects were addressed during the three-hour launch.

A complete list of launch attendees is included below:

* Mr. Erik Ahrsjo, IFMA Sweden
* Mr. Jeff Johnson, Director of Government Affairs, IFMA
* Mr. Tony Keane, President & CEO, IFMA
* Ms. Beatriz Soria-Le-n, German Facility Management Association (GEFMA)
* Mr. Goran Milanov, President, Bulgarian Facility Management Association (BGFMA)
* Mr. Chris Moriarty, British Institute of Facility Management (BIFM)
* Mr. Emmanouil Patavos, INTEREL Brussels
* Mrs. Cathrine Pauli, Board of Directors, IFMA
* Mr. Jamie Pire, IFMA Spain
* Mr. Jon Seller, Chair of the Board of Directors, IFMA
* Mr. Ondrej Strup, IFMA Czech Republic
* Mr. Ian van der Pool, President, Facility Management Netherlands (FMN)
* Mr. Jim Whittaker, First Vice-Chair of the Board, IFMA
* Mr. Jim Wise, PACE LLP
* Mr. Tudor Trita, President, Romanian Facility Management Association (ROFMA)
* Mr. R.M.D. (Ron) van der Weerd (EuroFM)

www.eufm.org / www.ifma.org

5th June 2014

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