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Viva!E continuous air freshener gains Carbon Footprint Endorsement

* Carbon-free.jpgThe Viva!E continuous air freshening and odour control system from FDT has been endorsed as a 'Carbon Footprint Approved Product'. In an independent process the product has been assessed and verified for emissions and energy consumption and was found to have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to aerosol products on the market.

In a statement, Managing Director Hydros Jassem told us: "We developed OxyGen-Powered technology to be the next revolution in the field of emission-free and precise fragrance delivery. The rigorous process we undertook to achieve the standards shows our commitment to looking after our environment. The Carbon Footprint accreditation is a tangible endorsement that has been achieved with the Viva!e Air Freshener."

The Viva!E freshener is based on its use of patented Oxy-Gen Powered technology which is emission-free and can reduce the amount of VOCs emitted by aerosol cans by up to 90%. The fully recyclable refill contains only pure, concentrated fragrance oil - around six times more than most aerosol refills, with no solvents or propellants. Its use will help people or organisations reduce their carbon emissions.

Viva!E runs on two AA alkaline batteries that last for two years, compared to shorter battery life of 6 - 12 weeks in some other aerosol dispensers. The refills are 100% recyclable, which means that the complete empty unit can be disposed of in a recycling bin after use, creating significantly less waste.
With refills lasting 60+ days factors such as warehouse storage, transport and service intervals, all of which are reduced, were also taken into consideration. Viva!E is safe to store and transport as it is not a pressurized can and does not contain any toxic or hazardous components.

Building Managers wanting to provide a fresh and safe environment for those that visit and use their facilities, while controlling their carbon impact, will find the Viva!E to be the ideal solution for use in washrooms, office, conference rooms, airports, schools, shopping malls, public spaces and other high traffic areas.

FDT was formed in 2007 with its operational headquarters in Jabel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA), Dubai. The company was established to manufacture and sell odour control systems for 'Away From Home Restrooms', offices, hotels, lobbies, reception and other public areas using patented OxyGen-Powered fuel cell technology.

The Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) was initiated as part of a wider government-led strategy to persuade individuals and organisations to reduce their carbon emissions, and understand the role carbon offsetting plays. The QAS (formerly known as the Quality Assurance Scheme) is a Not For Profit organisation. Its objective is to bring highest levels of confidence to businesses and individuals that the calculation methodology being used has been independently verified and the offset project meets the highest standards available in the offsetting industry.

Carbon Footprint was one of just four carbon offsetting organisations that met the original government scheme requirements and is one of the founding members of the new QAS programme, launched in July 2012.


5th June 2014

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