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Italian cleaning industry up 2% in 2013; foreign market accounts for 53% of total revenue

* Toni.jpgIn the 2013 financial year, Italian professional cleaning industry revenue totalled € 1,434,625,675, according to AfidampFAB (The Italian Association of Professional Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers & Space Cleaning) figures; confirming Italy's spot amongst the leading global manufacturers, along with the United States and Germany.

"The professional cleaning machinery, products and equipment industry has confirmed its stability and even returned an increase of 2%," says AfidampFAB. "This value is determined by the 4% growth on the foreign market, while there was a slight decline in sales in Italy (-1%).

Significant specialisation and quality are two factors that make it possible for the Italian product market to consolidate its position at the top, along with Germany and the United States, while currently in a recession."

Up to 53% of total revenue comes from products that are exported out of Italy; exported machinery accounts for 68% of the revenue, while equipment accounts for 65%. The European market is the largest recipient of exports - in particular France and Germany, while outside of Europe, the leading markets were the Far East and the Middle East.

Machinery, in terms of revenue, accounts for 32% of total production, chemical products account for 14%, equipment represents 5%, with paper, the tissue sector (intended for professional use) accounts for 31.4%, and fibres and cloth 1.6%, while accessories and spare parts account for 5% and other products represent 11%.

Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna lead the production industry.

The machinery segment is the most representative and is stable at 2012 levels, with an increase of +0.3% in the domestic market and +0.6% on the foreign markets. Power washers increased in exports (+5%), while combination washers and dryers decreased in Italy (-3% by value, -20% by volume).

For the most part, sales of chemical products were stable, with a fairly immaterial decrease in value on the domestic market (down approximately 1%) while reporting growth of 4% on the foreign market despite being a segment historically orientated toward Italy.

Room fragrances reported considerably noteworthy values: +28% by weight and + 29% by value on the Italian market, along with the disinfectant cleanser product leaders (+11% by weight and +20% in value), on the domestic market.

A markedly positive result was achieved by the paper segment, with a +6% increase overall, which is one of the most positive segments. Paper towels reported a significant increase (+11%) in Italy, while industrial cleaning wipes have made enormous inroads in the foreign market with a +24% increase on 2012.

Equipment was affected by the decrease on the Italian market (-6%), while accessories increased by 8% (glass, buckets, squeegees, mops, etc.) intended for export. Carts and canvas materials were stable.

Approximately 36% are small businesses with revenue up to € 4 million, approximately 52% medium-sized family-operated companies with revenue from € 4 to 30 million which operate successfully internationally, 12% large companies with revenue of more than € 30 million - some of which are listed on the stock market - which can compete with the most important industry multinationals. Some 82% of the companies are from the North, 13% from Central Italy and 5% from the South. Ten thousand employees work directly in the industry, which rises to 30,000 when the allied industries are taken into account.

More than 120 companies make up the Italian professional cleaning industry market; between they they have a € 1.5 billion in turnover.
Image: Toni D'Andrea of Afidamp Servizi.

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