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My daughter Melissa normally returns from trips to the town centre smiling thanks to the new outfit she’s picked up from the charity shop while donating her own unwanted things, but this week she came back decidedly disgruntled.

“Why should I search the entire shopping centre for a bin for my banana skin?” she demanded to know. “I ended up having to use the nappy bin in the toilets!”

I was still giving myself a virtual pat on the back over having brought her up rather well (not only regarding litter but also on the need to recycle) when she answered the question herself: “So terrorists can’t hide bombs in them – I know!” she said. “But what are we supposed to do with our rubbish?”

I know I’m always saying we need to take our litter home with us but when I do I’m thinking about dry things, such as packaging and sweet wrappers. I’d never considered anyone having to carry a sticky, smelly banana skin around and with more and more of us avoiding plastic bags and instead taking our own reusable cloth bags out shopping, that doesn’t actually leave us with anything decent in which to carry wet or sticky rubbish home, does it?

And with so many of our nation’s public washrooms closing down (the council has finally sold our toilets in the village and they’re being turned into two tiny apartments), how likely are we to be able to find one that’s actually open so we can deposit our rubbish in their bins, if the shopping centres have shut for the night?

The British Toilet Association has for many years campaigned to not only keep our public washrooms open, but to improve them, and it promotes a wonderful initiative that’s been running for almost 30 years – the annual Loo of the Year Awards. Organiser Mike Bone, tells me there are still a few seats available at this year’s awards extravaganza, so if you want to help celebrate the best in public washroom provision and learn more about joining the campaign to keep our nation’s washrooms open, don’t miss the news item below…

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Jan Hobbs

20th November 2014

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