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Morclean Bin Wash: new concept design for 2015/16 models

* Morclean-concept.jpgMorclean's Peter Morley has been looking forward  for some time to the day he can announce the launch of the company's new 2015/16 bin wash range, and as the year draws to a close reveals that his designers are working on concept drawings in preparation for the new 2015/16 design.

He says that after the success, great results and sales resulting from exhibiting at the Cleaning Show 2013 and ISSA/Interclean 2014, he's looking forward to 2015 when the team will be exhibiting at the Cleaning Show, London (10th - 12th March) and ISSA/Interclean Poland (22nd - 24th April).

"And, we've a lot to announce next year when the brand new product design leaps from concept to manufacture!" he says, explaining that over the past six months Morclean has been working on a new design concept which will re-model the way the bin washes looks today.

The improvements to design will not however, change or replace the workhorse of the bin wash - the robust galvanised steel lift mechanism, and the manufacturer will still be building the machine on its sturdy Type Approved Trailer (EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval ECWVTA).

"The Morclean bin wash is selling very well and we've enjoyed great results during 2014 - but we want to do better," says Peter. "Better by design.

"Improving the design of the machine will not only make the machine itself look more aesthetically pleasing, but will improve lead times and enable us to remain very competitive in the marketplace."

One of the key factors is that Morclean currently buys-in proprietary water tanks and covers etc, to use in manufacture, and assembles them onto the trailer chassis - which means it can offer greatly improved lead times. However, this limits what it can buy and how the overall machine looks. Part of the new improvements will include rotational-moulding the tanks in-house (which means investing in and making the moulds) but once complete the design team will be able to decide how the machine will look.

"We are investing considerable time and resource in the new design, and we've engaged a specialist product designer to work alongside our team," says Peter. "Basically, investment in purchasing the moulds now will enable us to produce our own tanks and components in the future, instead of buying them in. This means that we can control, improve, and change designs as we wish.

"We're not content with winning the 2014 Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice; nor are we being complacent when we look back at our success following both the NEC's Cleaning Show and ISSA Interclean in Amsterdam... we're still pushing to make the Morclean bin wash machine a better product - by design.

"Concept for the new 2015/16 models is underway and we hope to be able to announce the launch day some time in 2015."

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18th December 2014

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