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Rosemor says: "We'll make you an offer you can't refuse!"

* Rosemor.jpgEstablished in 1985, Rosemor International specialises in the manufacture and supply of precision-engineered escalator cleaning equipment and the company is starting 2015 with a bang (as we say in this neck of the woods) by offering current customers using the old Rotomac equipment the opportunity to part exchange it for a new Rotomac ET15B.

"Rotomac ET15B has been developed for a better performance," says the company's Efi Rosen. "It is the new generation of the machine... It is more efficient and built for longer term use."

The old Rotomac 360 - while an excellent machine - has 11 brushes whereas the new Rotomac ET15B has 15... as well as a new design of tank, trolley and hood.

Further, the Rotomac ET15B has a battery back-up for removing the machine safely from the escalator should there be a power surge or a fault with escalator itself. Time settings have been increased to include a 15 seconds option for maintenance and quick cleaning, while new stainless steel buttons on the control panel are more durable. Other enhancements include a plug-in socket on the machine itself for the T10 attachment which enables the ET15B to be used on moving walkways and an improved operator manual which includes more pictures to help the operator or technician get the best use out of the machine.

Prior to the use of escalator cleaning machines such as the Rotomac, facilities managers or contractors had to close down the escalators and walkways and either struggle to clean them manually, or remove them completely for a thorough clean. The Rotomac equipment has made a real difference, enabling escalators (both the treads and the risers) and walkways to be automatically deep-cleaned quickly, thoroughly and safely, in situ.

The machines are being used in airports, railway stations, tube stations, stores, shopping centres and many other locations and the company's reputation for supplying all the major airports in the UK, as well as escalator and travellator manufacturers, major cleaning contractors such as ISS, OCS, Mitie and Amey etc, has enabled Rosemor to expand not only nationwide but also globally. Rosemor has successfully supplied Rotomac escalator cleaners to more than 35 countries and currently supplies most of Europe, the US, China, South Africa, Trinidad, Singapore and Australia.

The Rotomac ET15B is easily transported on its trolley and for cleaning is placed onto a non-moving escalator. It sprays a fine mist of solution onto the step and the 15 rotating brushes deep clean and sweep all dirt into the vacuum container and then into the recovery tank. There are four especially chosen brushes that do not damage aluminium or the painted surfaces while still having the ability to remove tough dirt and grease. During the cleaning process the machine operator removes all embedded foreign matter, which could otherwise damage the escalator combs and steps.

Rosemor also supplies the carefully formulated chemical RC91 which is safe to use on all types of escalators. This is a citrus based, low foaming, aluminium-safe chemical. It also contains lubricant that helps to keep the chains within the machine running freely and easily.

The step and riser of the escalator are cleaned right to the edges in a single operation. The surface is left clean and dry with no risk of contamination to lubricating oils in the escalator drums or damage to electrical circuits. An important aspect of this cleaning process is that all sand, dirt and spillage which would normally have combined with oil and grease to form a grinding paste in the escalator mechanism, are completely removed by the Rotomac machine, which you can see demonstrated at:
For further details of the equipment and the special part exchange offer:

T: (+44) 01491-838011
E: [email protected]
W: www.rosemor.com / www.rosemor.net

22nd January 2015

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