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Freshu – the sustainable alternative to the wet wipe

* beach-babywipe.jpgThe Marine Conservation Society has just issued its 2015 report – the latest in the annual summaries of litter data recorded during British beach cleans each September – and amongst several types of litter that are on the increase, the wet wipe received a special mention.

Wet wipes do not easily disintegrate and can block sewers - and when they are washed into the sea they can end up on the beaches. There is an alternative though in the form of Freshu.

Freshu Personal Clean is a 3-in-1 antibacterial cleansing foam that kills 99.9% of germs, which leaves you feeling clean and fresh wherever you are. You can use Freshu on toilet tissue, as a hand sanitiser or to sanitise toilet seats and other surfaces. It kills 99.9% of germs and is alcohol-and fragrance-free. The product is an ecological, cost effective alternative to wet wipes and it won’t damage Britain’s beaches!

“We’ve been working with water companies to find ways of helping customers understand why baby wipes and face wipes should not be put down the toilet,” says the report. “Water companies estimate that about 70% of blockages are avoidable, and disposing of wipes in the bin and not the loo could make a real difference in keeping drains clear.”

A BBC investigation into the subject has found that a number of British water companies have already reported problem’s created by flushed wet wipes, with Southern Water saying wet wipes are "causing havoc" with sewers in Kent.

Research for United Utilities in the North West, meanwhile, showed that one in 10 households had suffered blocked toilets and drains owing to baby wipes, make-up wipes and other non-flushables going down the pan.

By using Freshu you can have wet wipe freshness without the blocked sewerage systems and blighted beaches. To find out more, visit:


Image source: BBC News

19th March 2015

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