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Why keep quiet about daytime cleaning?

* Vax-vcc-08a_vacuum_cleaner.jpgWorking hours are longer, workplaces are busier, and finding time to clean regularly and efficiently is becoming increasingly challenging.

Daytime cleaning is becoming a key focus for businesses that want to optimise their productivity, which is why the development of machines to assist with cleaning in occupied environments is high on Vax Commercial's agenda for 2015.

Investment in daytime cleaning is proving increasingly beneficial for many facilities and cleaning managers.

The reason is simple - if there's no need to schedule in extra resource and manpower outside regular working hours then the savings in time, as well as energy, are clear. However, running cleaning operations around fully functioning facilities can prove to be a headache - especially when it interrupts the regular working routine.

Launched in November 2014, Vax Commercial's VCC-08A tub vacuum has already become a much sought-after addition for cleaning teams across the healthcare, transport, education, hospitality and janitorial sectors. Its proven performance has boosted confidence with users; with excellent pick-up, an ultra-efficient A-rated filtration system, and overall energy efficiency rating, it offers the brilliant results much-needed by managers, buyers and operatives.
Not only is it one of the best performing tub vacuums on the market, it is also a quiet alternative. The machine's HUSH mode setting reduces operational noise levels to just 69dB(A), making it the ideal vacuum for cleaning busy or inhabited environments, such as offices, schools and care homes, even during the day.

"Facilities managers are having to source high performance products with an ever-growing requirement get the job done during the day, when areas are still inhabited with employees, customers or residents," notes Tara Humpherson, category manager for Vax Commercial.

"This was our aim for developing the VCC-08A. Its super-quiet HUSH mode, when combined with manoeuvrability, energy efficiency and brilliant pick-up, gives you all the performance you'd expect in a vacuum that is just perfect for daytime cleaning - all in a lightweight yet robust machine."

Upkeep of front of house has never been more important. With longer business opening hours and crucial first impressions becoming a key challenge for business, frequent cleaning and floor maintenance is a must. Thanks to our 24 hour society, cleaning often has to take place during the day.

Vax Commercial's range of scrubber dryers have all been designed to operate at 75dB(A) and below, and so are perfect for cleaning hard floors during daytime hours.

"The VCSD-02 is a battery operated compact scrubber dryer," comments Tara. "As it's cordless there's more freedom to clean further without stopping to change plug sockets - and it can cover up to 1260sq.m per hour on just one charge. And because it's quiet - operating at less than 70dB(A) - it's ideal for daytime cleaning. It also has excellent dirt removal and pick up, even when turning tight corners, so floors will be left brilliantly clean."

The VCSD-01 offers the same low noise, cleaning performance and manoeuvrability, but with a 15m mains cable. For cleaning larger areas, the battery-powered VCSD-04 is ideal. With up to three hours run time and large tanks, it's perfect for covering larger areas without stopping.
Bringing their new LithiumLife powered cordless technology to the commercial environment for the first time, Vax Commercial's VCSD-03 cordless hard floor spot washer scrubs, cleans and sucks up spills, all in one lightweight, compact machine. "Cleaning hard floors has never been easier!" remarks Tara.

A versatile and more hygienic alternative to the mop and bucket, the VCSD-03 scrubs and sucks up the dirty water as it cleans, rather than spreading it around the floor. Floors are left instantly dry, so there's zero downtime. It's lightweight and compact, so when space is tight you know it's small enough to store in a cupboard. And because it's cordless, it doesn't have a cable to plug in or trip over - cleaning for up to 60 minutes without needing to charge.

"Designed for use in schools, offices, hotels, care homes and more, the VCSD-03 is very quiet in use, so you can clean exactly when it suits you, without disturbing anyone else," says Tara. "Lightweight and compact, it has a similar footprint to a mop and bucket, so it's easy to store in small cupboards. It's also very easy to maintain: the brushes can be quickly changed, the water tank is easy to empty and the filters are easy to access and clean."

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16th April 2015

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