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Patent for WiperFill's new technology which automatically recycles rainwater into wiper fluid or antifreeze

* wiperfill.jpgWiperFill, an innovative inline, under-bonnet vehicle system that converts rain water (or other liquids near the windscreen area) into wiper fluid or antifreeze, has announced that it received the US.Patent and Trademark Office's (USPTO) 9-millionth patent.

Designed to eliminate the need to manually refill the wiper fluid reservoir, WiperFill collects water at the base of the windscreen and directs it into its custom mixing device to produce clean, spot-free cleaning and antifreeze fluid.

"We live in a world of advanced automotive technology and automated processes, but we still make drivers fill their own wiper fluid!" remarks Matt Carroll, president of WiperFill Holdings. "WiperFill was designed to provide a convenient, more sustainable, hassle-free process to ensure your wiper fluid never runs out."

The system is made up of a fluid collection point placed at the base of the windscreen and a multi-chamber mixing cartridge that utilises wiper fluid and/or antifreeze concentrates to achieve the right saturation level. The cartridge of concentrated fluid is designed to last up to one year, being replaced during normal maintenance, such as an oil change.

In addition, WiperFill offers environmental benefits, including:

* eliminating the need for hundreds of millions of gallons of filtered water annually used in the bottling and OEM reservoir filling process annually,
* utilising WiperFill's reusable and rechargeable cartridges which replaces the single use plastic bottles currently consumed every year,
* reducing carbon emissions by making shipments up to 35 times more efficient per load when compared to traditional wiper fluid products.

"Our product not only makes lives easier, but it can change the cost structure for wiper fluid, reducing shipping and production costs, while creating a more sustainable solution," adds Matt. "Our prototype has helped us to refine the system even further and we hope to find the right development partner to help us bring it to market."


16th April 2015

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