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Adkiatek welcomes new Baby to the family

* Baby.jpgDrawing on its 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of cleaning machines designed to help the teams using them to be more efficient, dynamic and motivated, Adiatek is proud to announce its new ‘Baby’ - a single brush scrubbing machine with 35 cm working width, powered by batteries with a built-in charger.

Suitable for cleaning floors in the smallest of spaces, such as in offices, shops, workshops, taverns, terraces , around private pools and in any other environment that has very narrow passages, the Baby is very easy to manoeuvre.

There are two sizes of batteries on offer – the 28 and 35 Ah 5, to enable specifiers to match the machine to the hourly yield required.

The highest performance version facilitates continuous work for up to two hours before the machine needs to be connected to the power supply cable that recharges the batteries while further work is carried out as needed.

Adkiatek also offers Kit System 3S, which ensures the optimum use of cleaning solution, saving money and reducing impact on the environment. This system can be specified with the Ruby, Jade and Amber machines.

“The need for an ever greater attention to the environment, and the abuse of polluting elements, such as for example detergents in scrubbing machines, led to the production of a device that, regardless of the operator’s particular use of the machine or indeed the operator’s training, maintains a constant minimum flow of cleaning solution that has been properly calibrated by a trained technician, prior to commencement of work,” says the manufacturer.

“The optimal quantity of detergent solution with this system will be one that realises the minimum flow rate of cleaning solution sufficient for a proper cleaning of the floor.”

The system consists of a hydraulic circuit parallel which can be enabled or disabled directly from the dashboard by a switch with three positions with the following functions:

1. ‘Tap’, which allows operation with traditional variable flow rate, varied by the opening of the tap.

2.’Stop’, which allows operation without fluid flow (only drying).

3. ‘Installation 3S’,which allows operation with the optimal range fixed.

With the electrically-powered version of the machines, which have a working width of 48.5 cm, there is the facility to adjust the inclination of the brush so that it gives a traction aid to the operator.

This version is equipped with a single brush that can be coupled or automatically released without manual intervention, and is particularly suitable for small rooms in hospitals, schools and anywhere where that brushes must be frequently sanitised.

These machines are also ideal for use in environments that are free from encumbrances and where the presence of the power supply cable does not constitute an obstacle to the progress of the work.

The Ruby machines are also particularly quiet, thanks to the patented vacuum soundproofing system.

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