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Fimap’s Genie XS – so maneouvreable that cleaning becomes like a dance

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There was so much to like about the Genie XS scrubbing machine and we could understand why the crowds watching the demonstration appeared mesmerised: the little machine is so easy to manoeuvre that it looked almost like the operator’s dance partner!

We loved light weight of the machine and the ease with which it could be twisted and turned (cleaning in every direction) and the way the parabolic squeegee followed the brush so closely – leaving the floor dry and safe with only one pass. We could see how this powerful little piece of kit could make the job of cleaning small and cluttered environments simple (and, dare we say it – fun?).

Genie XS is powered by a lithium ion battery that can be fully charged in just one hour – perfect for users needing to perform many short, targeted cleaning operations in one day, as well as for more prolonged cleaning if a spare battery is kept with the machine. The handy battery charger lets you recharge anywhere, without wasting time.

“Thanks to this machine’s compact dimensions, there is no space too small to be cleaned,” said the company’s Luca Begnini. “It’s perfect for the restaurant businesses, cleaning effectively and effortlessly under tables and chairs because it washes and dries also when moving backwards. The squeegee’s rubber blade ensures outstanding drying performance even when cleaning the oily liquids that are commonly found on the floors of a professional kitchen or restaurant.

“Genie XS is also ideal for use in bars, hospitals and care homes… even for cleaning offices during business hours or shops while they’re open.

“The batteries are excellent; there’s no self-discharge which means Genie XS is always ready when you need it and there is no memory effect – you can recharge the battery whenever you want and don’t need to charge it fully every time. Constant power throughout the entire cleaning operation is guaranteed.”

Luca showed us how the brush is offset laterally, relative to the machine housing, for perfect cleaning along walls. He also explained that the Genie XS is quick to disassemble, so even an inexperienced operator can clean it in very little time. The tanks are detached effortlessly and with no tools.

Refilling with clean water and cleaning the dirty water tank take almost no time at all, as does cleaning the solution filter, the squeegee hose and the vacuum manifold.

“Simplified maintenance at the end of the shift ensures that maintenance is performed regularly, as it only takes a few minutes,” said Luca. “And when not in use, the machine can be stored anywhere – even in the smallest cleaning cupboard, thanks to its compact dimensions.

“With materials such as aluminium for the base and chassis, Genie XS is both sturdy and lightweight, putting less strain on the operator during use and transport, even when carrying up and down stairs in buildings with no lifts.

Once folded, it can be carried easily with the handle on the control bar. Otherwise, a pair of large wheels let you pull the machine along like a trolley.”

* Fimop_142.jpgThe company’s Fimop was also shortlisted in the Innovation Awards

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