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Morclean’s cleverly-designed ‘BlueBox’ now available!

* Morclean-blue-box.jpgMorclean’s Peter Morley had told us some time ago that the members of his R & D team were working hard to finalise a new product that would cause some excitement so we were pleased when Peter announced: “It’s new, it's blue, and of course it's innovative! It's called BlueBox and it’s now available.”

The BlueBox is an above-ground, partial water treatment system that offers a novel way of treating the outflow from a wash bay or car wash area without the need for a below-ground interceptor. It's designed to provide an alternative to costly and inconvenient groundworks and to eliminate the need for excavation so that the necessary interceptors and tanks can be installed.

It can be used with the Morclean wash pad, or your own wash pad, together with wherever water is discharged to a mains foul drain.

This is the background to its design and how it works…

“Normally, on a vehicle wash, you have to have (by law) an interceptor,” explains Peter. “They can be between two and six cubic meters, so they're pretty big, but you have a couple of options on what to do with one:

“You can employ a builder to dig a big hole, back fill and install it in the ground, but this is costly and messy and it may not be your land that you’re dealing with. It's hassle, lots of hassle – and, if you move site, you have to leave it behind, as it's concreted in and thus is impossible to move.

“Your other option is to leave an above ground interceptor on the surface, but since these units are ugly and big, they will be an eyesore. Imagine your prestigious garage or a sleek building with an ugly tank stuck outside!

“To get around this problem, we've developed a new system: the Blue Box.”

Peter explains that inside this box there's a system that replaces the need for an interceptor as described above, which is designed to treat the outflow from a wash bay or car wash area without the need for a below ground interceptor. The BlueBox is surface mounted and requires just a power supply to operate.  The simple connection consists on one inlet from the wash bay and one outlet to a mains foul drain.

The overall dimensions of the box are just two sq.m and the unit is finished in an attractive blue colour with the Morclean brand name on. It can be lifted onto site ready to use where it will take water from the wash pad - without the need for a sump or any holes in the ground - and pump out the water ready to discharge to a mains foul drain.

“It’s totally surface mounted,” says Peter. There’s no excavation and thus no mess, no builders’ works or civil costs, you can fit it in minutes, it looks good and you can take it with you should you ever move site. All that’s required is a main power supply and a pump fitted to your wash bay sump.”

The system includes an oil filter, settlement tanks, inlet and outlet pumps, four metres of inlet hose (from the wash pad) and 10 metres of outlet hose (to the drain).

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18th June 2015

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