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Clean Hands Safe Hands receives US Patent for hand hygiene technology

* Clean-Hands-Safe-Hands.jpgClean Hands Safe Hands' award winning hand hygiene monitoring system has received a US patent for its Natural Language Voice Reminder and its variable detection range technology, which in a year-long peer reviewed clinical research study, demonstrated the ability to improve hand hygiene by more than 400%.

Clean Hands Safe Hands, helps reduce the spread of infections by providing a technology platform to remind providers without disrupting their workflow.

One of the major features of Clean Hands Safe Hands System is the Natural Language Voice Reminder, which is an unobtrusive audio recording of a person's voice reminding staff members to perform hand hygiene if they forgot to do so. This provides a reminder that stands out above the hospital environment's standard beeps and alarms that are frequently ignored.

The variable detection range allows the Clean Hands Safe Hands system to customise based on the differences in varying hospitals, hospital units, individual rooms, and even down to the specific patient needs.

"The Hand Hygiene Monitoring IP is a crowded space and I am very happy to see that our unique approach to hand hygiene monitoring is being protected by this patent," says Chris Hermann, PhD, Founder and CEO of the company. "This is a testament to the hard work of our highly talented engineering team."

According to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and the World Health Organisation, hand hygiene is the single most important aspect in preventing the spread of infections throughout hospitals. Roughly 1 in 25 patients acquire an infection during hospital admission in the US alone, leading to nearly a million infections annually.

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16th July 2015

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