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Governments spend loads of money trying to get their messages across and we all grumble about the money being wasted, which could be so much better spent elsewhere. And it’s not just governments… recently, the University for the Creative Arts - the highest ranking specialist arts university in the Complete University Guide 2016 - paid out almost £82,000 to the agency that designed Channel 4 TV’s logo, to create the university’s new logo and branding. Now if the university specialised in, perhaps, languages or cookery, I could understand the decision; but for a university overflowing with budding artists, graphic designers, CAD specialists and the like, I find it ridiculous.

How much better it would have been if the students had been invited to take part in a competition to create the logo and branding! The project wouldn’t have needed to incur any costs, because the accolade for the winning student and finalists would have been payment enough. And just imagine the entry on the winner’s CV!

One body that does have it right is ‘Keep America Beautiful’ which has worked with The Ad Council and Zooppa (the global social community of creating talent) to run the ‘I want to be recycled’ competition, in which consumers produce their own videos in an attempt to increase everyone’s participation in recycling.

Although it only came third (after ‘Potty Talk’, in which bathroom fixtures discuss the pros and cons of letting a recycling bin move in, and ‘Urban Myths’ in which teenage girls are given recycling truths by an Ouija board) it was ‘Let's Make Soap’ that made the biggest impression on me. It features Samir Lakhani, a 22-year-old student and his creation, EcoSoap Bank - an organisation that acquires and recycles leftover soap from hotels, and puts it into the hands of people who otherwise would have no access to this most essential form of hygiene:

Another that impressed is of Drew Lamb, an entrepreneur and hardcore recycler who shows us how important it is to ‘close the loop’ and maximise efficiency in operations, and in the process dispels the silly notion that recycling is just for hippies.

The campaign directs consumers to IWantToBeRecycled.org which includes comprehensive resources on recycling as well as an interactive game. I for one can’t think of a better way to get the message across and get people recycling!

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Jan Hobbs

23rd July 2015

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