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International News

Gordon Brush's expansion supports ambition to become a global leader

* Gordon-Brush.jpg
As part of a master plan to become the nation's largest 'Made in America' brush manufacturer and a global leader in the industry, Gordon Brush, the privately held corporation that boasts one of the world's largest selections of industrial brushes, has acquired a new building, 3.5 times larger than its existing facility.

President of New York pest management company meets with European counterparts for knowledge exchange

* Pest-control.jpg
Assured Environments' president, Andrew Klein, recently visited Europe on a quest to discover some of the ways European pest management companies are adapting to new regulations.

SFSPac Degreaser gains Green Seal GS-37 certification

* PortionPac.jpg
PortionPac Chemical Corporation is proud to announce that SFSPac Degreaser has met the criteria set forth by Green Seal to attain certification under the GS-37 standard. In meeting GS-37 (Cleaning Products for Industrial & Institutional Use), SFSPac Degreaser has surpassed the Standard's strict environmental benchmarks and performs as well as or better than other cleaners in its class.

Emergency messaging critical in preventing cholera after Nepal earthquake

* Wateraid-Nepal.jpg
WaterAid Nepal has begun an emergency response programme providing water, sanitation and hygiene services to districts hit by the recent earthquake.

Principle becomes first cleaning contractor in Europe to achieve CIMS accreditation

* CIMS-Certified.jpg
Principle Cleaning is once again leading the way in the cleaning industry by having gained a coveted CIMS accreditation and in so doing has become Europe's very first cleaning contractor to achieve it.

Asia's largest nonwovens exhibition SINCE/ANEX 2015 takes place next week

* Nonwovens-asia.jpg
As Asia's largest exhibition of nonwoven materials, technology and equipment, SINCE/ANEX has become a much anticipated event in the global nonwovens sector.

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Today, the much-anticipated Pulire exhibition & conference, Pulire 2015, opens its doors and the scurry of activity to get everything ready for the thousands of visitors expected to attend, will prove well worthwhile if previous events are anything to go by.

“This is so much more than just a trade show; it is a permanent laboratory of contacts, relationships and ideas for the development of the sector,” say the organisers, who go on to explain how they’ve developed the event.

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This Week's News


* Toni.jpgWhat makes Pulire unique is the high digitisation of the event. This concept began in 2013 and this year the app has been enhanced. Now called 2.1, it enables visitors to plan their visit to the exhibition, due to a system of match-making that allows them to book appointments with exhibitors. All information about the exhibitors is be available on smartphones and tablets, while exhibitors can receive real-time information about visitors, their origin, their role etc.

“This represents a significant advantage for exhibitors,” says Toni D'Andrea, CEO of Afidamp Servizi. “If for example an exhibitor is looking for a distributor from Qatar, the app can inform the exhibitor if the distributor he is looking for is at the fair.

Pulire Clean

The 2015 edition of Pulire is also growing thanks to a new element: the Pulire Clean project, which will address the needs of the fabric care and laundry equipment market.

Pavilion 1 will be entirely dedicated to this market segment, bringing the equipment and product manufacturers from this sector into the professional cleaning industry fold with which it holds much synergy, yet with its own immediately recognisable and distinctive space.

For more than 30 years, Pulire has been the largest Italian professional cleaning exhibition and the second largest in Europe. As such it will offer those who work in fabric laundering and care a range of opportunities to expand their market and find new commercial partners.

Pulire Outdoor

“While throughout its 30 years Pulire has always been geared up to providing solutions for indoor cleaning tasks, since last edition, held in 2013, Pulire has also developed the brand ‘Pulire Outdoor’, dedicated to sweeping and urban decor and therefore pertinent to manufacturers of road sweepers and cleaning machines for road maintenance.”

The theme of this year's Pulire Outdoor will be 'Clean city for Quality of life'. The opening conference is scheduled to take place today at 14:00 hours, with a great panel of speakers: the mayors of Curitiba in Brazil, Singapore and Copenhagen, as well as mayors of important Italian cities, for a discussion on the relationship between the cleanliness of the city and the satisfaction index of its citizens, with international best

Pulire 2015: cleaning solutions for Ho.Re.Ca.

Pulire is a key partner for the hospitality (Ho.Re.Ca.) segment.

"Sparkling clean hotels, lodgings, wellness centres, spas and restaurants are the most effective calling card for any country," says Toni. “At Pulire, industry professionals and some of the largest and most important services and facilities management companies that provide outsourced services for the ho.re.ca segment can find a number of solutions to meet the quality standards of cleaning & hygiene increasingly important to the market. 

"These include anything and everything from equipment such as multiservice carts - considered essential for correctly carrying out the job, to wet mops, brushes, and cloths for cleaning and sweeping, single brush machines, wet vacs, floor washing and drying tools, wash cloths and detergents specifically designed for types of floors, degreasers, lime scale removers and disinfectants...

CALENDAR OF EVENTS – Tuesday, 19th May

11:00 - Opening Ceremony


Stefano Casali, Deputy Mayor of Verona

Ettore Riello, President of Veronafiere

Matteo Marino, President of AfidampFAB

Andrea Miglioranzi, President of AMIA Verona

Toni D'Andrea, Managing Director at Afidamp Servizi

Mascagni Room

Conference: Minimum environmental criteria hospital: the prospects for cleaning sector

11:30 – 13:00  Speakers:

Gianfranco Finzi, President of ANMDO

Sandra Zuzzi President of FARE

Lidia Capparelli, Green Public Procurement of Consip

Riccardo Rifici, Italian Ministry of Environment

Stand AfidampFED (Pavilion III)

Workshop CNA

11:30 – 13:30 - Workshop CNA: “The cleaning enterprises between crisis, market and unfair competition” Organisation: CNA, the Confederation of handicraft and small & medium enterprises

Mascagni Room

The dirty history of clean

11:45 – 13:30 - Presentation of the book by Giulio Guizzi: ‘Hygienic cleaning and sanitization. The dirty history of clean’

Mozart Room

Organic products

14:00 – 15:30 - Organic products in professional cleaning: terminology and uses of biological detergents and probiotics


Gaetano Privitera, Simpios

Pier Sante Testi, BioFuture

Stand AfidampFED (Pavilion III)

PULIRE Outdoor

14:30 - 16.00: ‘Opening Conference of PULIRE Outdoor: The quality of life and the urban hygiene’


Ricardo Ghizi, Executive Secretary of Curitiba

Giorgio Novello, Italian Ambassador in Norway

Giorgio Starace, Italian Ambassador in Abu Dhabi

Flavio Tosi, Mayor of Verona (to be confirmed)

Dario Nardella, Mayor of Firenze (to be confirmed) 

Andrea Miglioranzi, President of AMIA Verona

Monica Cerroni, President of Fise Assoambiente

Filippo Brandolini, President of Federambiente

Mascagni Room


14:30 to 16:00 hours: opening conference CLEAN Outdoor

Quality of life and urban hygiene: the priorities of the citizens'

Mascagni Room - Press Room - 1st floor gallery 4/5


- Ricardo Ghizi, Executive Secretary of Curitiba

- Giorgio Novello, Ambassador of the Italian Republic in the Kingdom of Norway

- Giorgio Starace, Italian Ambassador to Abu Dhabi

- Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence * - awaiting confirmation

- Andrea Miglioranzi, Chairman AMIA Verona

- Monica Cerroni, President FISE Assoambiente

- Filippo Brandolini, President Federambiente

Moderator: Alessandro Sasso, President Man.tra

Conference AIISA: ‘Sanitary control in air ducts’

16:00 – 17:30: Conference AIISA: ‘Sanitary control in air ducts’


Gregorio Mangano, Vice President of AIISA

Raffaele Caruso, Secretary-General of AIISA

Stand AfidampFED (Pavilion III)

CLEAN Outdoor - Municipal waste

* Verona-cleaning-outside.jpg16:15 – 18:00 - CLEAN Outdoor

Municipal waste ‘to measure citizen’: the case history of Verona in comparison with other Italian experiences

The new frontiers of urban view of the Smart Cities, the use of new technologies and active participation by citizens in the cleaning of large cities.

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Recent UK News

Jet Airways jettisons cleaning mops as fliers fear hygiene issues

* Jet-Airways.jpg
India's Jet Airways has jettisoned mops from its list of cleaning items for cabin washrooms after the airline received complaints from passengers that the mops were kept in public view, raising hygiene issues.

Introduce weigh scale pallet trucks for significant efficiency improvements

* midland.jpg
Today's business world is tough, so it pays for enterprises to have strategies in place designed to get them ahead wherever possible.

Spreading the word, not the microbes, on safe hand drying to optimise hand hygiene

* hands-chart.jpg
The European Tissue Symposium, ETS, has announced that it will be taking part in the International Conference on Prevention & Infection Control (ICPIC) in order to stress the importance of proper hand drying as a part of optimal hand hygiene.

Ecoppia's E4 water-free solar panel cleaning robots now cleaning 5 million panels/month

* Eccopia-e4-robot.jpg
Ecoppia, a developer of automated, water-free photovoltaic (PV) solar panel cleaning solutions, has announced that its E4 robotic solar panel cleaning system is now fully operational on five additional PV production facilities in the Middle East, totalling more than 35 MW.

State Opening of Parliament and Trooping of the Colour may be marred by cleaners' strike

* State-Opening.jpg
Just prior to the State Opening of Parliament and the Trooping of the Colour at St James's Park, is not the best time for the people responsible for cleaning those locations to be on strike - but that is what we may be facing unless an ongoing dispute can be quickly resolved.

Strengthening healthcare systems and delivery - 'Hand Hygiene is Your Entrance Door'

* How-to-hand-wash.jpg
Hong Kong's Department of Health (DH), through a series of events and promotional materials, called for healthcare workers and the public to pay attention to hand hygiene in support of the annual Hand Hygiene Awareness Day on May 5th.

Distributor support, training and advice with Greyland

* RD-Supplies-House.jpg
Distributors of janitorial products, and especially cleaning chemicals, naturally expect product support from their suppliers, and Greyland is no exception.

Detailed information on all their chemicals is readily available from their website, and luckily, due to the 'says what is does' labelling policy, customers know exactly what they are looking for, and are examining the correct product information without any confusion!

TCFM awarded further distribution centre contracts

* TCFM.jpg
TC Facilities Management has been awarded the cleaning contract at a new build distribution centre in Daventry, following a rigorous tender process, TCFM is providing all area cleaning at this 980,000sq.ft general merchandise facility, located in the heartland of the distribution centre world. The company is also celebrating other contract wins.

Distributors demand transparency

* Dave-Bruce.jpg
Distributors are turning to members of the CHSA's Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes for soft tissue products, plastic refuse sacks and industrial cotton mops to obtain greater transparency in their supply chains.

New module in Cleaning Masterclass series launched

* training-course.jpg
A brand new, unique, online course in domestic and residential cleaning is now available. This course is also perfect for guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, small hotels and holiday homes, where a high standard of cleaning and appearance is expected without question and the lack of good cleaning can ruin the reputation and break the business.

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