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International News

World's largest campaign launched to promote sustainable work and healthy ageing for all

Last Friday in Brussels, the European Commission and the European Agency for Safety & Health at Work (EU-OSHA) in cooperation with the Netherlands EU Presidency, launched a two-year Europe-wide campaign: Healthy Workplaces for All Ages. Focusing on sustainable work and workplace safety and health in the context of the ageing workforce, the campaign provides a timely reminder that the younger workers of today are the older workers of tomorrow.

FAQs about the SDS

* ghs_sdsposter.jpg
As most cleaning professionals around the world know, the old Material Safety Data Sheet has been replaced by the new Safety Data Sheet. In the process, numerous questions have come up as to why the old MSDS was replaced along with enquiries specifically about the new SDS forms.

Britannia Washing Systems help keep National Express Fleet in fine fettle

* BWS-bus.jpg
For a high profile brand such as National Express, image is everything.

The Group delivers services in the UK, North America, Germany, Spain and Morocco, with more than 800 million journeys annually made on its buses, trains, light rail services and coaches. It strives for operational excellence in everything it does across the organisation, from its safety and CSR policy to choice of vehicle and livery.

Oust ugly algae for good

* algae-on-war-graves.jpg
Algae on wooden decks... on terraces and pavements... slippery, ugly and damaging. And if aesthetics are at stake - as they are on monuments, tombstones, facades, etc., the cost of algae removal can be substantial - not just in hours, but also in material damage.

Over the coming weeks, many cleaning companies will go out on site and temporarily remove the green tarnish... knowing that the algae will return in a couple of months.

Cannon Hygiene launches the Imagine collection

* cannon_imagine_collection_frangrance_unit_white.jpg
Cannon Hygiene has launched the Imagine collection of washroom dispensers in over 40 countries - a modern product range which showcases a fully co-ordinated design scheme to create a style-led washroom suite.

The company says that the range will inspire customers to Imagine more from their washrooms with a choice of 24 dispensers featuring a modern, striking geometric look inspired by interior design trends and the Cannon Hygiene logo.

The ultimate flat surface cleaner from Spinaclean

* slipstream.jpg
Spinaclean, the specialist pressure washer and cleaning equipment manufacturer, has launched New Slipstream Pro 20, a flat surface and traditional pressure washer for large areas of commercial and domestic paving, brickwork and decking.

India revises its solid waste management rules

* India-conference.jpg
The Environment Ministry of India has revised its Solid Waste Management Rules after 16 years, to encourage citizens to do something to prevent the waste to wealth by following 'recovery, reuse and recycle' principles wherever possible.

Welcome to the


Cleanzine - the original Cleaning & Hygiene industry e-news

Read by industry professionals in 163 countries worldwide!

Welcome to our ‘live’ on-site show issue of Cleanzine, in which we attempt to bring you a flavour of the Amsterdam show and share some of the innovation we’ve seen. I say ‘attempt’ because the show is now so vast that we’ll be lucky to experience even 10% of what’s on offer. It’s busy and it’s buzzing and there’s lots to see and do and oh so many people to meet…

In terms of development, ‘The Internet of Things’ seems to be where the industry is heading. We’re cleverly using that as a way of providing real value in what we do, taking away the need for clients to cut prices to the quick – whether they be janitorial suppliers, cleaning contractors or building owners/facilities managers.

Used properly, the IoT will enable us to provide such great service and connectivity that those buying into it will be able to reduce their own costs by working proactively, rather than reactively, and thus (hopefully) see that they really can afford to pay for the technology because in the long term it will be well worth the outlay. It will give them all they need and allow them to – as building owners or facilities managers – provide a better environment for their workforce, customers and visitors, or – as contract cleaners – hold onto the contract long-term rather than see it go to a lower bidder/potentially better service provider at the earliest opportunity the client has to sever the ties.

It offers really control. The potential is enormous and incredible. We just need to embrace it.

Finally, if you’re an exhibitor and John and I haven’t managed to visit your stand, do please get in touch and send us your news and pictures. It doesn’t have to be about your appearance at this show but can be about your products and services, your ideas or even industry-related things you lke or which make you unhappy.

 It really doesn’t matter what country you’re from – we have a global readership and someone, somewhere will be interested in your story. Nor does it matter whether your company is large or small… After all, even those with enormous exhibition stands will once have been a small business and will have worried about whether they could cover the cost of the smallest booth. Just look where their vision took them…

And talking of vision, look out for next week's issue, when we'll be announcing the results of our ISSA/Interclean 'Quirky Awards' (for non-Brits, 'Quirky, in this case, is a tongue-in-cheek look at some of the innovation that's caught our eye).

Please get in touch either by emailing me or posting a comment on our Facebook page. www.facebook.com/Cleanzine


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Jan Hobbs

This Week's News

Busy, busy, busy...

* 2016show.jpg
The show hadn't been open long yet it soon became busy. What you may not see from our image is that just out of the halls there were hundreds of people queing to have their badges scanned. You should have seen this hall an hour later!

Congratulations to ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam Innovation Award 2016 winners and finalists!

* Winners.jpgISSA/Interclean Amsterdam's Innovation Awards winners have been announced, and taking the crown - out of a total of 110 entries - is Augmented Reality: Suma Revoflow from Diversey Care.

The international jury said: "This exciting and inspiring technology that has not been seen in the professional cleaning sector before and it brings with it many opportunities and possibilities.

Award of CE Marking of Taski Intellibots brings hands-free cleaning to 33 European Countries

* Diversey.jpgSealed Air's Diversey Care division has achieved CE Marking1 for its Taski Intellibot Swingobot 1650 machine, bringing hands-free cleaning to 33 European Countries.

The demand for automated cleaning machines is growing rapidly, particularly in the world's developed countries. This is due to significant advances in robotic technology, labour shortages and the need for higher productivity in daily or routine cleaning tasks.

Connected Cleaning: Karcher focuses on digitalisation

* Karcher-connected.jpgUnderstanding that more transparency ensures greater efficiency in building cleaning, Karcher is focusing increasingly on its digital range for building cleaning under the title of 'Connected Cleaning'. As a first step, two systems will be merged onto one platform, providing greater transparency of workflows and machine use.

This gives the operator an entirely new information base, which can aid in decision-making and help increase the profitability of the business.

'Baby' GumBusters machine for easy bubble gum and chewing gum removal

* Baby-Gumbuster.jpgThe compact version of the world's first battery powered dry steam based gum removal system, the GumBusters GB Compact is ideal for any premises where the forecourt or pavement is plagued by regular outbreaks of unsightly and sticky gum deposits.

But because it is so small the GB Compact can easily fit into a contractors van and be ready for any client GumBusting emergency!

Meet the award-winning Robo 2!

* Cleanfix-robot.jpgRegular readers of our 'live' show reports will be familiar with the Cleanfix Robo, which we've filmed being put through its paces during at least two - and possibly even three - previous shows, so we were pleased to learn that this latest version (Robot RA 660 Navi to give it its full name) has received the recognition we feel it deserves, having been awarded the Innovation Award in the Machines, accessories and components category at this year's show.

Kimberly-Clark Professional launches Washroom 5D programme

* KCP.jpgWashroom 5D is a new consultative service for facilities managers and facility management teams that focuses on three core stages: Discover, Compare, and Improve.

The programme enables facilities managers to maximise the business and commercial benefits of washroom excellence and stay ahead of the competition.

The rise of the robots?

* UV-robot.jpg

Elsewhere in this issue you will have seen that the Cleanfix second generation floor washing robot won its category at the Innovation Awards this year.

What you will not have seen, unless you have been to the Innovation Lab at the Show, is a demonstration of the UV disinfection robot working alongside the Cleanfix robot.

M17 Battery-Powered Rider Sweeper-Scrubber: efficient and comfortable!

* Tenant-surprise.jpgWe were really impressed with this machine, which despite its huge size was really comfortable and offered great visibility. And although we weren't actually able to try it out properly, the company's Bill Ruhr told us that it delivers exceptional sweeping and scrubbing performance and that it's easy to operate and maintain - and also that it's "absolutely loaded with great features".

These include a cleverly-designed screen that the operator can see clearly in the low light during the day in a warehouse environment and the ability to instantaneously switch the controls between 28 different languages.

New Deb Stoko range: combatting occupational skin issues in commercial premises

Deb-Stoko.jpgDeb has launched its new Stoko range - the broadest range of products designed specifically for occupational skin care across a variety of industries including the commercial sector.

The portfolio of Deb Stoko hand cleansers, sanitisers and after-work restore creams contains products that have been formulated to address and reduce the spread of infection as well as the risk of occupational skin disease.

Clean and efficient in less than no time

* Wecovi-Clean-n-Easy.jpgFor the professional cleaner who wants to get on with the job, Wecoline has launched the new range 'WecolineClean 'n Easy' at ISSA/Interclean.

The range consists of floor cloths and mops. Ready-to-use non-woven, dry, or impregnated with cleaning detergent or dry microfibre products...."Get to work straightaway with materials that are always clean," says Derik Landman,

Prochem Europe upgrade launches

* Prochem.jpgCleaning technology and solutions specialist Prochem Europe returns to ISSA/Interclean in a joint initiative with Netherlands sales partner AB Cleaning of Heteren.

Key developments from Prochem on Stand 01.128 include a further performance upgrade to the company's new model Endeavor SX9500 extraction machine - now available with a waste tank float switch which facilitiates a more accurate and premeditative means of knowing when the tank is full.

Premiere Products proudly presents 'Kitchen Force'

* PP-kitchen-force.jpgPremiere Products' heritage as a leading technical brand manufacturer of cleaning chemicals for professionals is further enhanced by the introduction of Premiere 'Kitchen Force'.

Quil and Peter posed for a picture with the new brand's stand graphics before explaining that the growth in the global foodservice and hospitality markets offers a significant growth opportunity to the manufacturer's UK, EU and ROW trading partners.

Truvox: a taste of things to come

* Truvox-two.jpgThese lovely ladies got us all excited about a range of really-well thought products that Truvox will be rolling out over the coming months and into early part of 2017 - then told us that we couldn't write about them!

GWI attends ISSA with manufacturer Tersano

* Tersano-Lotus-PRO.jpgAs the official European distributor of Tersano lotus Pro, Green World Innovation is at the Show demonstrating the technology and its Stabilised Aqueous Ozone sanitiser.

Stabilised Aqueous Ozone is dispensed via the Tersano lotus Pro and is quickly becoming a 'go to' product for facilities companies that want to significantly reduce their impact on the environment. It is 100% chemical free, leaves no smears or residue, reduces water consumption and crucially does not compromise on hygiene standards.

Tomcat's Nano Edge Orbital Scrubber - neat and nifty

* Tomcat-nano.jpg

The ultimate scrubber for small or hard to reach areas... from removing layers of dirt from grout lines to just caked on layers of dust and dirt, this machine is very powerful and great to use. We loved maneouvreing it over the staircase.

Concentrated air fresheners from Spain

* Sucitesa.jpgSucitesa has been exhibiting at what was back then known as Interclean, for decades.

Taking centre stage on the stand is the growing Easymix family which now offers two new concentrated air fresheners ecomix: pure breath green tea and pure breath floral.

CWS Paradise Cleanseat Pro for those who don't like cleaning their toilets!

* CWS.jpgThis fully automatic self-cleaning toilet seat is attracting a lot of attention (but luckily no users) and what makes it particularly interesting is that it can be easily retrofitted to conventional toilet bowls.

"The CWS Paradise Cleanseat Pro" simply gives visitors a good feeling," confirms Maren Schulte, CWS product manager at CWS-boco International.

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Recent UK News


* Screen-Shot-GumBusters.jpg
"What better way to launch our new GumBusters GB1 into North America than a feature on national television with a slot on CBS News!" says OspreyDeepclean.

"And check out our latest blockbuster starring the GB1 on Youtube!"

Historic tiled floors restored to 'good as new' condition

* Victorian-floor-before-after.jpg
Victorian tiled floors can be really beautiful but sadly they're often not maintained as they should be... They eventually become so dilapidated that the building owners feel they have no choice but to rip them up and replace them with something easier to maintain.

There is another option though. The team at Heritage Tiling aims to restore as many historic tiled floors and walls as it can, thus enabling the tiles to be viewed and enjoyed once more.

You can't trust 'approximate'... Trust the CHSA Accreditation Scheme Marque

* CHSA-CM-std.jpg
Labels that state an approximate length, width, count or weight cannot be trusted according to the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers' Association. The only way buyers of cleaning and hygiene products can guarantee they get what they pay for is to buy product stamped with the Marque of the CHSA's Manufacturing Standards Accreditation Schemes.

As well as auditing members the CHSA's Accreditation Schemes for Soft Tissue, Plastic Refuse Sacks and Industrial Cotton Mops, the CHSA's Independent Inspector, Martin Yates, also regularly spot checks non-member products. He is raising this issue after noticing a growing number of products labeled with only 'approximate' dimension, count and weight.

New contract awards for Principle Cleaning

* 20-Fenchurch-St.jpg
New contract awards keep coming as London City based Principle Cleaning has recently won a cleaning contract with Vinson & Elkins. Based at the award winning 20 Fenchurch Street, The Vinson & Elkins' London office opened in 1971, making it one of the oldest London offices of any US law firm.

A contract with Barings Asset Management at 155 Bishopsgate London also started recently and is for an initial two-year contract. This prestigious well known investment bank with high profile client meeting and dining areas has tasked Principle Cleaning staff to provide daily cleaning including specialist periodic carpet cleaning and kitchen deep cleaning, as well as window cleaning in addition to housekeeping and porterage services.

Hako strengthens its offer in key sectors with new strategic team

* Hako3l.jpg
A leading name in cleaning equipment is strengthening its support for the national and international facilities management companies, contract cleaning and third party logistics (3PL) sectors with the creation of a new strategic accounts team. The move will enable Hako to deliver more specialised support to customers in important markets for the company as it continues its UK growth.

Concentrating on getting the most from your cleaning products

* arpal.jpg
Chemical dosing systems, whether manual dispensing pumps or electronic dosing units, have been around for years and are now a well-established part of any professional cleaning process.

The use of controlled dosing technology to enable the end user to accurately dilute a chemical concentrate at the point of use, providing a ready-to-use cleaning or disinfecting solution, has the potential to dramatically transform the environmental, quality and safety standard of many of today's cleaning products - but most importantly in-use cleaning costs.

Darwinsure streamlines insurance for cleaning companies... Online platform extends specialist cover to small business sector

* Darwinsure.jpg
Cleaning companies and other small businesses now have ready access to a streamlined insurance service tailored for the needs of their sector.

BPI Recycled Products' sites achieve 'Zero Waste to Landfill'

BPI Recycled Products has achieved Zero Waste to Landfill certification from Valpak at three of its manufacturing sites across the UK. The Valpak certification recognises years of hard work by the business, which is the UK's largest producer of refuse sacks and the largest polythene recycler in Europe.

BPI Recycled Products' manufacturing sites gained ISO 14001:2004 accreditation for environmental management and each site put controls in place to reduce the amount of waste they were generating.

Holchem celebrates record breaking production in 2015

* Holchem.jpg
Holchem, the Pilsworth-based cleaning chemicals provider, recently celebrated record-breaking production with 950 tonnes of product being manufactured during a single week in December.

The ongoing success of the company is set to continue throughout 2016 and, in response, it will be increasing its site with additional parking to cope with increased demand from both new and existing customers.

Customer experience is key

* FUTURES-quotes.jpg
Futures Supplies, award winning supplier of washroom and cleaning products, has always appreciated the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience. Supplying quality products, backed up with the delivery of customer service excellence, has always been part of the company's ethos and continues to be key to the company's success.

The trend to research a company, as well as its products and services online, prior to purchasing, is now a well-established practice. Recognising this, and the need to continually innovate within its business operations, Futures Supplies has now linked up with independent feedback provider Feefo as an efficient means of gathering genuine customer feedback to continually improve its customers' experiences.

UK public makes food hygiene number one priority when eating out

* food-hygiene.jpg
UK consumers are united in not tolerating poor food hygiene ratings and simply won't visit places that have had food safety issues, no matter what type of restaurant they are. Some 61% won't eat at a restaurant, takeaway, coffee shop or pub that has a low Food Standards Agency (FSA) Food Hygiene Rating while three quarters (75%) said they wouldn't risk dining at a restaurant that had been implicated in a food hygiene incident, even if recommended by someone that they trust.

Firms must guard against staff fatigue as fines for corporate manslaughter escalate to £20m

* fatigued.jpg
Imperago has published a paper outlining the importance of taking staff fatigue into account when devising staff working patterns. Major companies convicted of corporate manslaughter that have a turnover of £50m or more could now face fines of up to £20m according to guidelines by the Sentencing Council that were announced recently.

Cleaning Operative of the Year winner announced

* ABCD-cleaner-of-the-year.jpg
In annual awards created by British Cleaning Council members, the Association of Building Cleaning Direct Service Providers and Denis Rawlins, (which provides sponsorship), June Manley has been named Cleaning Operative of the Year 2016. June, who works at Carr Mill Primary School, St Helens, Merseyside, wins £250 of high street vouchers and a specially engraved glass trophy.

British Safety Council endorses World Day for Safety & Health at Work campaign's message

* ladder-assocation-pic.jpg
On World Day for Health & Safety at Work, the British Safety Council has re-affirmed its role in the industry as a champion of health & safety at work and
its belief that proportionate and effective management of health & safety is an enabler of business activity.

Floor cleaning company doubles size of premises

* Tesco-B-A.jpg
Warwickshire-based Beaver Floorcare was engaged recently through flooring manufacturer Relay Floors to clean and restore the vinyl interlocking tiles to their former glory at a Tesco store.

Cromwell uses MP's Earth Day visit to highlight range of environmental issues

* NigelAdamsMP_visit.jpg
Cromwell Polythene's managing director James Lee highlighted a wide range of environmental issues when local MP Nigel Adams visited the company's Sherburn headquarters, near Leeds, this week.

Thrive residents play key part in selecting new contractors

* Thrive-GM-Team.jpg
Thrive Homes put its residents at the heart of the decision-making process before awarding its new communal cleaning and grounds maintenance contracts.

Soapbox: Mike Robinson, chief executive of the British Safety Council, writes about our aging workforce and why the BSC support the new Healthy Workplaces for All Ages campaign...

* Mike-Robinson.jpg
The European workforce is ageing fast. By 2030, employees aged over 55 are expected to make up 30% or more of the total workforce in many EU countries. In the UK, 30% or more of the total workforce is already over 50 years' old, while 60 year and older employees constitute 23% of the workforce, and this figure is set to rise to 30.7% by 2020.

Employment figures suggest jittery employers spooked by increasing labour costs

* employment-chart.jpg
Commenting on today's ONS Labour Market Statistics, (www.ons.gov.uk) Gerwyn Davies, labour market adviser at the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, the professional body for HR and people development, says:

"Existing employer concerns over the cost implications of the National Living Wage, pension auto-enrolment and the impending Apprenticeship Levy are starting to affect confidence amongst employers.

Reclassifying temporary staff as 'unsupervised' puts businesses and directors in jeopardy, says CXC Global

* Michelle-Reilly.jpg
Agencies that advise employers to reclassify temporary staff as 'unsupervised' are putting both their end clients and their directors in jeopardy, according to CXC Global.

£200m Cash Injection for FM Market in 2016

* facilities-management-report.jpg
A new report on the UK facilities management market from MTW Research has found that profitability is set to rise by £200 million in 2016, sustaining optimism for the market despite a slight slowdown in growth.

Hako helps historic Nottingham's streets stay sublime

* Hako-Nottingham.jpg
Nottingham City Council has taken delivery of two new additions to its growing fleet of road-cleaning machines from Hako that is already helping to keep the historic city looking its best.

Greyland golf putting comp win could help drive new sales for Prestige Supplies

* Greyland-Pallet-Winners.jpg
Leading cleaning chemicals manufacturer Greyland held a golf putting competition at the recent Manchester Cleaning Show, which John Wolohan of Prestige Supplies, Wigan, won by sinking an impressive 3 out of 5 putts.

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